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These Are The Best Tequilas To Drink in 2023

Summer may be over, but luckily tequila season is all year-round. Inventive margaritas and cocktails deserve to be shaken with the tastiest and refreshing tequila around. Some tequilas are best to just sip and savor the sweet agave flavor right over ice. Try it. The sophistication will set right in. Nowadays, it seems like there is a new tequila to try every week, especially when a different celebrity is launching a bottle on repeat. Yup, we know babes…it can be hard to know if the tequila you’re buying is the one that you’ll love.  We’ve broken it down for you and gathered a list of our favorite Añejos, Reposados, Blancos, and Extra Añejos. Here are some of the best tequila’s on the market right now.


If you want top notch tequila, look for an Añejo. It translates to “vintage,” which means the tequila has been through a long aging process in oak barrels (that’s also where the darker color comes from). This is the pick if you plan on juts sipping or making a tequila Old Fashioned (yes, that’s a drink!) or a Manhattan. Our picks include Cazcanes No. 7 Añejo, Don Julio 1942, Herradura, or Adictivo. If you a dash of classy, try 1800 Cristalino. It’s a crystal clear Añejo finished in a port wine cask and is so smooth, silky and crisp, you can literally pair it with any meal.



Reposado is for those who like a little the deeper flavor profile but can easily mix this into a cocktail. These tequilas are aged in barrels for only up to one year so it’s a perfect mix between a Blanco and Añejo. Some of our favorite ways to enjoy a reposado are in the classic Cadillac Margarita, Paloma or Tequila Sour. Get shaking with recommendations like the Casa Noble Reposado, the Mandala Reposado, the Casa Dragones Reposado (our #1 pick) or the super fancy Clase Azul.



Blano tequila’s are an all time favorite. They are often the choice for shots due to its strong, pure flavor but most importantly they’re known for being the base line for mixers. Plus, feel good knowing that Blanco’s are one of the healthiest alcohols because of its low calories.  Some of our go to drinks are a Tequila Sunrise,  Spicy Cucumber Margarita, or a refreshing Watermelon Margarita. Check out the Blanco’s we love to add to our cart. There is the 123 Certified Organic Tequila, Casamigos Blano ( a staff fave), Los Sundays Coconut Tequila (it’s delicious and refreshing), and the Grand Mayan Silver Tequila.


Extra Añejo

Extra Añejo is the crown jewel of tequilas, so the price tag can be a bit higher. Its complexity is definitely made for sipping, just like any fine Scotch. This one has to be aged at least three years, so you’re getting some rich flavors meant to be savored (it makes a great gift for the tequila lovers in your life too). Our preferred way to enjoy this one is in a pretty glass around those you love. We love El Tesoro Extra Añejo  Tequila, Komos Extra Añejo, and the Dulce Vida Extra Añejo.


Cantera Negra Tequila is our new fave. Its an award-winning, additive-free tequila with 40 years of family tradition in Mexico and a wholesome story to go with it too. Decades ago, Don Alberto Becherano began making tequila as a hobby, and he has been perfecting his method for making what we believe to be among the best tasting tequilas since. He’s keeping it in the family now working alongside his son and Master Blender, Dan Becherano (P.S. we also got to hang out with him!).












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