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10 Best Places to Take Pictures in LA (& Are IG Worthy)

We get it, sometimes our IG needs to hit a little refresh for the new year, so trust us when we say you’re in for a real treat with these Instagram worthy spots in LA. We’ve gone all over the city to find some epic  locations to capture an unforgettable moment with friends, family or even solo. Honestly, each location doesn’t need the intent of a snap. They’re perfect spots to unwind and discover something new. But, if you’re serious about upping your social media game, consider this your ultimate guide to creating and crafting shareable content for your feed. Here are 10 of the BEST places to take pictures in Los Angeles. 

1. The Secret Swing in Elysian Park

Location: Elysian Park, 929 Academy Road, Los Angeles (near Angels Point Rd)

Hidden near Angels Point in Elysian Park is a secret swing that overlooks a breathtaking view of the city skyline and is a pretty cool starting place to get your Instagram off to a great start. First off, the swing is a unique and lesser-known spot for your feed and promises a touch of magic above the city. The swing isn’t too hard to get to either. Just take a short hike and you’ll find it.

2. Iconic Canon Drive in Beverly Hills

Location: Canon Drive and Carmelita Ave

If it’s good enough for Barbie, it’s good enough for us. If you’re on the hunt for the classic scene of an LA street lined with palm trees in Los Angeles,  head to Canon Drive. Situated in the posh Beverly Hills area, this street has some of the most charming palm trees around. The spot you want is specifically located at the cross streets of Canon Drive and Carmelita Ave. Just keep in mind, it tends to get pretty busy with traffic, so stay alert for passing cars!


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3. Goddess by WRDSMTH + Colette Miller @ The Bloc

Location: 700 S Flower, Los Angeles

When you’re strolling through the Bloc in DTLA, take a quick detour around the corner to discover the ‘Goddess’ mural by WRDSMTH + Colette Miller. Miller, known for her globally recognized angel wing paintings left her mark on LA paired with the inspiring words from one of LA’s most famous street artists.  Situated at the intersection of Flower and 8th, this art wall is not just a feast for the eyes but also one of the most motivational spots in the city.  It serves as a reminder to embrace your own power, and why not strike a pose with those wings while you’re soaking in the inspiration!

4. The Last Bookstore

Location: 453 S Spring St Ground Floor, Los Angeles,

Get lost in the labyrinth world of The Last Bookstore. Seriously, any corner of this place makes for a great IG shot or even full on photography session. Housed inside an old bank, this is a literary haven for book lovers and it really is an Instagram sensation. The layout is filled with books, sculpture gardens and art arranged in captivating displays that offer endless photo opportunities. The Last Bookstore is considered as one of the  Top 10 Most Beautiful Bookstores in the World. Find it near Grand Central Market in DTLA because this gem promises a unique and whimsical experience for everyone to see.

5. El Matador State Beach

Location: 32350 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu,

El Matador Beach isn’t just a beach…it’s THE go-to destination for photoshoots. As the sun sets, the shores become a canvas for engagement, maternity, and fashion photoshoots. The beauty of this beach is its miles of sand and shore and there is always a secluded spot for your own personal photoshoot (so no need to worry much about crowds). The rock formations, tide pools and caves make the scenery all the better, creating a stunning backdrop in photos.

Pro Tip: We recommend planning your visit right around golden hour to snap the best pics.


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6. Urban Light @ LACMA 

Location: 5905 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles

Light up your Insta-game with the iconic Urban Light installation at LACMA. Nestled right at the entrance, these 202 restored cast-iron street lamps have set the scene for numerous celebrity photoshoots and blockbuster films. Now, it’s your turn to add a touch of vintage art to your Insta glow-up! LACMA can be found in the  Miracle Mile district and we promise this head-turning spot will add an effortless touch of elegance to your feed.

7. The Huntington Library & Botanical Gardens

Location: 1151 Oxford Rd, San Marino, CA 91108

Immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of The Huntington Library’s Botanical Gardens. The Library is famous for its collections of the nation’s founders, especially the papers of President George Washington and President Thomas Jefferson. The Huntington is so easy to get to and you can literally snap all the photos you want. Wander through themed landscapes, from Japanese gardens to desert flora and blooming rose gardens, offering an array of stunning IG photo opps.


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8. The Venice Canals

Location: Venice Canals, Off 25th street in Venice Beach, Venice

Transport yourself to a European oasis within LA at the Venice Canals. The canals are connected with charming bridges that range in similarity, and the charming houses offer a unique and romantic setting for photos. You can literally park anywhere near Venice beach and walk toward the canals off 25th st. This would be a great way to refresh the feed for sure!

9. The Broad Museum

Location: 221 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Step into The Broad Museum for a fun, modern art fix. The outside’s unique honeycomb-like structure is already mesmerizing, but the inside feels like you’re stepping into a whole other dimension. The Broad is the perfect place to get some exciting pictures with the most iconic art installations, like Rover Therrien’s massive “Under the Table” where you can get a miniature effect.

Pro Tip: Check out Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirrors Room for that Insta-perfect shot. But a heads up — you’ve only got 1 minute in the room, so make sure that you’re ready to go with your camera and poses.


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10. Echo Park Lake

Location: 751 Echo Park Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90026

Last but not least, go for a walk around the vibrant neighborhood of Echo Park. From the iconic Dodger Stadium to the recently renovated Echo Park Lake (after a cool $45-million facelift ) this area has it all. Locals and visitors alike can enjoy paddle-boating on the lake (they have the cutest Swan boats), surrounded by a growing scene of retail, recreation, and dining options. It’s an evolving neighborhood with so much fun stuff to discover and lots of places to take photos.

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