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The Best Movies & Shows to Stream in 2024

Ah, the Blockbuster era – where choosing a movie meant pants were non-negotiable. Fast forward to Netflix, where the toughest decision is hitting ‘play’ or ‘are you still watching’ without leaving the couch. No pants required, my friends. But if you’re feeling nostalgic for a VHS hunt, we’ve put together an epic list of hilarious and classic shows that’ll make you laugh, cry, and appreciate the modern luxury of binge-watching without the struggle. Get ready to kick back, relax, and thank your lucky stars for the sweet liberation from having to leave the bed to find a movie. Here are the best movies and shows to stream in 2024. 

In the Mood for a Good Cry:

1. This Is Us

Where to Watch: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon

Meet the Pearsons, the family you’ll wish were your own. From the heartwarming to the heart-wrenching, This Is Us takes you on an emotional rollercoaster. Crafted by the brilliant minds behind “Crazy, Stupid, Love,” this clever series extends an invitation to join a family that instantly feels like one you’ve been a part of for years. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll relate to the highs and lows of love, loss, and family bonds. 

2. A Man Called Otto

Where to Watch: Netflix 

Don’t let Tom Hanks’ grumpy face fool you. This isn’t your average protagonist vs antagonist movie. True, in A Man Called Otto this grumpy widower is a menace to his neighbors but there is one in particular that ends up being his saving grace. This movie will make you think about what it is that you live for and about the people that need you most. Get those tissues ready because we couldn’t stop crying with this one.

3. Dead to Me

Where to Watch: Netflix

Dead to Me is an American dark comedy-drama TV series that follows the story of two grieving women, brilliantly portrayed by Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini. As they navigate the complexities of loss, their connection blossoms during therapy, setting the stage for a series filled with dark humor, drama, and unexpected twists. Get ready for an emotional rollercoaster that keeps you hooked from start to finish! 

In the Mood for a Nail-biting Thrill:

1. The Brothers Sun 

Where to Watch: Netflix

Charles Sun is a Taipei gangster in the heart-pounding drama, The Brothers Sun. Fueled by an unbreakable bond, he ventures into the heart of L.A. to shield his loved ones from serious danger. Get comfortable because this show is an intense mix of suspense and action that keeps you on the edge of your seat. 

2. Fool Me Once

Where to Watch: Netflix

If you’re ready for a serious plot twist, this one is it. Michelle Keegan takes the lead in Fool Me Once as Maya Stern, a widow determined to uncover the truth behind the sudden death (and shocking revival) of her husband caught on her secret nanny cam. This riveting series has everyone hooked, thanks to its twisted plot that promises to deliver the most unexpected ending yet.

3. Boy Swallows Universe

Where to Watch: Netflix

Eli Bell, a 12-year old child from Brisbane faces a complex life. With a vanished father, a mute brother, a recovering addict mother, a stepfather caught up in the heroin trade, and an unconventional criminal babysitter, Eli faces a seriously turbulent life. Despite the odds, Eli is determined to define his own path and discover the essence of being a good man (and goes through a hell of a lot to get there, too). Boy Swallows Universe definitely put us in a tailspin.

In the Mood to Laugh:

1. Obliterated

Where to Watch: Netflix

Obliterated is an action-packed comedy series following elite Navy SEALs tackling a nuclear threat in Las Vegas. After a wild party fueled by alcohol and drugs, the team finds out that the bomb they deactivated was fake — making their mission to save Las Vegas all the more challenging.

2. Dumb Money

Where to Watch: Netflix, Amazon

In an unexpected turn of events, ordinary people rewrite the narrative on Wall Street, transforming GameStop into a global sensation. Dumb Money centers on Keith Gill, an everyday guy who kickstarts the phenomenon by investing his life savings in the stock. As Keith’s social media updates go viral, the lives of not only him but also those who join the movement are forever changed. What begins as a stock tip turns into a powerful movement, enriching many—until the billionaires decide to strike back, leaving both sides in a chaotic upheaval that alters their worlds.

In the Mood for Reality TV Drama:

1. Vanderpump Rules

Where to Watch: Netflix, Amazon, Peacock, Hulu

Never seen Vanderpump Rules? Now is a good time to start. The original spin-off from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, follows the lives of the current and former SURvers and bartenders at SUR, an iconic West Hollywood restaurant owned by Lisa Vanderpump. Whether you’re a day one viewer from the early days of the Witches of WeHo or a recent fan caught up in the chaos of Season 11 and Scandoval, Vanderpump Rules guarantees an addictive blend of entertainment that’s always real juicy. Get ready for a wild ride through the ups and downs of LA’s most entertaining restaurant staff.

2. Floribama Shore

Where to Watch: Netflix, Amazon, Hulu

Floribama Shore is a reality TV gem that unfolds in the picturesque setting of the Florida Panhandle. Join a unique and group of personalities as they share a beach house, creating a dynamic mix of sun-soaked adventures, unexpected friendships, and, of course, plenty of hilarious and wild moments. The show captures the essence of a carefree beach lifestyle while delivering a healthy dose of reality TV drama that will keep you entertained from start to finish. 

In the Mood to Get Educated:

1. You Are What You Eat

Where to Watch: Netflix

In a research study, identical twins take part in an intriguing experiment. Over the course of 8 weeks, they adopt distinct diets and lifestyles, paving the way for a study aimed at unraveling the intricate ways in which food choices impact the human body. Dive into this unique exploration of the body’s response to personalized health approaches with You Are What You Eat

2. Bitconned

Where to Watch: Netflix

Bitconned is a gripping documentary exposes the schemes of three young individuals who exploit the freewheeling nature of crypto, deceiving investors and generating fortunes. Uncover the twists and turns of this story that shines a light on the darker side of the digital age, revealing the lengths some will go to manipulate the evolving landscape of cryptocurrency. 

In the Mood for a Chick Flick:

1. My Life with the Walter Boys

Where to Watch: Netflix

After losing her entire family in a tragic car crash, My Life with the Walter Boys follows teenager Jackie Howard, who relocates to Silver Falls, Colorado. There, she finds herself living with her mother’s best friend’s family, surrounded by ten spirited boys. Little does she know, Jackie is about to navigate through the highs and lows of an unexpected love triangle that adds a dash of spice to her newfound life in Silver Falls.

2. The Summer I Turned Pretty

Where to Watch: Amazon

This heartwarming coming-of-age story is filled with love, friendship, and the ups and downs of growing up. Meet Belly, a relatable character trying to figure out who she is and what she wants. As she navigates a love triangle involving two brothers, Conrad and Jeremiah, the story unfolds into an exciting summer of self-discovery and heartfelt emotions. There are 2 seasons of The Summer I Turned Pretty, enough to get you to your next great love this summer.

In the Mood to Watch with the Kids:


Where to Watch: Disney+/ Disney Junior

Ok, so if you’re on a babysitting job, or maybe watching those nieces or nephews, check out  SuperKitties. It’s bright, full of kid friendly action and of course,our EIC’s favorite,  kitties. Watch out for their “Super Pawesome Aww-dorable Cuddle Week” SuperKitties Marathon from February 12-16. But, right now, Disney Plus & Disney Junior  is streaming all of their popular  Valentine’s Day episodes and yup you can expect tons of cute heart themes taking place.

And with that, you have the best movies and shows to stream this year and  for every mood imaginable. These shows are your passport to a rollercoaster of emotions, unexpected twists, and characters you’ll connect with on a personal level. So, whether you’re in the mood for laughter, tears, sheer excitement, or need to find that inner child…. press play, and let the binge-watching begin. Here is the perfect pairing too…takeout! Check out these yummy restaurants we just discovered.