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7 Best Los Angeles Influencers to Follow in 2024

Influencers help fill our feeds and our minds with ideally positive things and ideas.  Ideally, that is what an influencer should do, and these are the 5 influencers in one of the biggest, most important cities- LA, that we are drawing major inspiration from: (Photo: Courtesy of Elise Mesner)

1) Erika De La Cruz

If being inspired by imperfect, authentic, inspirational women is your thing, look no further. Her content will give you a front row seat to aspirational events, career moves and looks, without the seemingly “perfect” facade. When she’s feeling down, you’ll know. Her work with Oprah on The Mental Health Coalition will remind you that real is better than perfect, no matter your lifestyle. What you may find on this Best Selling Author, Style Socialite and Latina Media-Mogul’s feeds is mental fitness, fashion and her life along the way. Bonus, she is Editor in Chief at #1 Lifestyle Publication: The LA Girl so all things “LA” will appear in her feeds, stories, and probably the publication too. Perfect if you’re looking for career and lifestyle motivation, fashion inspo, mindset or awesome event highlights. Explore further at her website:

2) Justina Blakeney

Home decor, Home decor Home Decor! Justina is founder of Home Decor Brand Goliath: The Jungalow, a business boasting an audience of millions and an aesthetic sure to inspire your next wild Sant-Monica “esk” home design project. Expect tons of inspirational flat lays, corners, rooms and design to fill your feed, plus some personal sharing along the way. If you love the “Cali” side of living in LA, there will be no shortage of greenery or “wild-design” feels while exploring her content. We’d start with her feed and make your way to exploring her The Jungalow from there.

3) Liz Shamooni

Looking for a play by play of La La Land exploration on your feed? Liz Shamooni gets around the entire city- impressively. Sharing all the experiences: detailed (tagged and true) along the way. Liz has a relatable “influencer-beginning” that makes her journey, one you want to root for! She began pursuing her adventure while in a 9-5 job (who can’t relate.) The difference is, she made the commitment and dove in, head first.  Her content is charming, informative and of course- fun! Check out more at her website and follow along the journey.


If you love rooting for chic 9-5ers, you must check out Jazmyn Anderson, with a similar tale of balancing work and the online adventure she shares weekly. Her content is filled with wardrobe, couple goals and luxury.

4) Stuart Brazell

Comedy and relatability anyone? Stuart hails from the entertainment industry in Los Angeles- reporting for several media outlets while running her blog, Stuart Says. Since the global pandemic, she has found a new online home on Tik Tok that keeps her audiences enthralled with her skits, two boys, husband and social life. You’ll find vlog-style, relatable content, product reviews from beauty to home and tride and true “mommy-life” struggles along the way.  What we’ll leave you with is this: Binge-ability

5) Elise Mesner

Next up is Elize Mesner, who is an artist who will bring a breath of color and fresh air to your life and your feed. She has no shortage of creativity, and getting lost in her world and artwork can take hours off of your day but add a smile to your face. She loves to experiment, work with people from all walks of life, and you have to see it to believe it. Her photography and composition have a style all their own, separate from the drab world you might find around you. As for her subjects and topics, they vary, though she does like to work with food. Overall, she simply values authenticity in her work and seems to go where her interests and caprice take her. As such, she’s never boring, and often coming from places you may not think of at first. We recommend starting out with her Instagram page, which has a great selection of her work. You may also want to check out her website.

6) Eddie Sanchez

If you like anything to do with food, then you are going to like Eddie Sanchez. He has the ins and the knowledge to guide you through the L.A. eating scene, and he makes everything look fantastic in the process. Born and raised in Los Angeles, it is hard to find a better food-guide to the city, and his interests extend all throughout the West coast. With a huge following and such foodie acclaim, we hope you can see why we recommend him to anyone who wants to makes their taste buds as happy as their eyes (looking now at one photo, we’ve never seen such a perfect cookie). You can follow Eddie Sanchez on Instagram and you can go to the website Hungry in LA for more information. 


Looking for an “LA-GIRL” foodie instead? Bonus, check out Amy May, who 60 + lbs DOWN and sharing her journey of eating her way through life, literally.

Finding More Influencers

Do you want to find even more influencers in Los Angeles that can inspire you and introduce you to new things? Of course, you do, as even the most devoted followers will want more than five people to follow. We recommend that you try to find even more people, whether in a burst or over time, that can show you the best L.A. has to offer.

Don’t simply just scroll around social media looking for people to follow. Instead of relying on people, rely on your interests. Do you love food? Search for food first, and you’ll find influencers that can expand your palate (and ideally a few to restaurants as well). Maybe it’s fashion for you? Look for what you love and you might find some people that fit your bill. There are so many talented and interesting people living in Los Angeles alone that there is no way we can go over them all. You can probably think of some other amazing influencers just off the top of your head. Nonetheless, among the five individuals above we hope that you found someone to give you a new perspective on your look, your ideas, or what you want to do when you’re in LA. We hope that you are able to get something out of this.