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Best Clothing Subscription Services for Your Next Occasion

Who else loved to borrow clothes from your sister or mother when you were younger? We’re definitely guilty of borrowing a few too many wardrobe items from our friends and family, but now we are able to do that in a grown-up, adult way! We have the inside scoop on the hottest and trendiest places you can borrow clothing from, instead of fully committing to items that will take up space in your closet. All designer and luxury items of course, we want our girls in style. Read more about our exclusive deals, and how you can hit the town in the latest clothes and accessories.

Accessories, Handbags & Jewelry


It’s a little exclusive, but that’s why we love it. Once you’re in the club, you can experience the luxury of having the latest accessories and handbags for only a $90 membership fee. Becoming a member allows you to have access to designer handbags, jewelry, watches, diamonds, and other luxury items that will liven up and complete your wardrobe/outfit. What’s great about this membership is that you can switch your items once a month or keep them for as long as you like! Check out our editor in chief, Erika De La Cruz, rocking her Channel hand bag. It’s free to put in your application & you can move to the top of the waitlist by use our referral code ErikaDeLaCruz, because we got you. Apply for Vivrelle membership.

Clothing- Holiday Parties 

Rent the Runway

It is sometimes a hassle to find the perfect outfit for events and holidays, and to have it sit in your closet afterwards, unworn, takes the fun out of finding the perfect outfit. Now you can find the perfect look for you at Rent the Runway. Whether its a wedding, night out, work day, holiday, or any other event that needs a new, special outfit, Rent the Runway gives you access to their exclusive and cute items through their subscription. Their subscription allows you to have access 8 to 12 items per month, dependent on your needs and membership type. Right now, they have a new member exclusive where you can have 20% off your first order.

South Asian Clothing 


Los Angeles is such a melting pot with different cultures, ethnicities, and traditions, it is often we find ourselves with friends and peers that have differing backgrounds. We constantly find ourselves invited to different events, where our everyday clothing wouldn’t be the right fit for the occasion. Allborrow is here for any LA Girl that needs help finding the right South Asian outfit, for any event or Indian wedding. (SO book mark this because you never know what invitation is coming your way.) We’ve had so many community members rent already. From head to toe, men or women, Allborrow has got you covered. Use our code Erika25, for 25% off your purchase at checkout.