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Meet Andrea Hausmann, Photographer & Founder of COCO HAUS Productions

Andrea Hausmann, COCO HAUS Productions

I first met Andrea at a dinner party and knew I liked her right away. I also did a photoshoot with her and I absolutely love her work! I use the photos she took as my main head shots and I have the prints framed in my office. Not only is she a talented photographer, but she’s also a fun +1 and a good friend. I’d like to introduce you to Andrea Hausmann, photographer and founder of COCO HAUS Productions.

Tell us about yourself.

I like to think that I’m the gateway “drug” to exploring your secretive side. I show my clients that there are no limits, and that we will start with a simple concepts knowing that if they want to go further down the rabbit hole, it’s possible. From naked in glitter to corsets on the beach, I always encourage my clients to dream big.

 Andrea Hausmann, COCO HAUS Productions

Where are you from?

I’m from Montreal, Quebec (Canada).

What brought you to LA?

From the first visit, I felt inspired. I knew I could design the life I wanted in LA.

What’s your favorite thing about LA?

That anything can happen.

Andrea Hausmann, COCO HAUS Productions

What has been your favorite LA experience?

Dating has been hilarious, it’s like a rom-com gone wrong. Other than that, I love saying yes to crazy events because you just never know what will happen. It’s very hard to get bored in this city.

What inspired you to be a photographer?

I love creating art and I love making people feel great about themselves. I’m fortunate enough that I can do both with my work.

Andrea Hausmann, COCO HAUS Productions

What is your advice to women who don’t like getting photographed?

Most women don’t like being photographed because they’ve had a bad experience. They were either told they weren’t special enough or they’ve seen bad photographs of themselves. My advice is to work with a photographer that you click with and that you trust.

My entire job is to make women (and men sometimes) feel and look amazing; they deserve to feel beautiful. Not everyone loves being in front of the camera, but once they realize how easy it can be, they grow to love it. When you can conquer sitting for a photo, you’ve reached a new level of self acceptance.

As an extension of that thought, I feel that if you love your outside, you will love your inside even more, and vice-versa. I do not feel it is superficial to want to look great, it just means you want to put your best foot forward.

Andrea Hausmann, COCO HAUS Productions

How do you get women to feel comfortable getting their pictures taken?

I sit and chat with them. I share stories and ideas and explain they are not alone with what they’re feeling. I listen to what they want and work hard with my beauty team to make sure we achieve it. I give creative concepts and push them to explore their boundaries, whatever they might be. And I always having a bottle of bubbly around…

You can find out more about Andrea Hausmann on her website, on Facebook and Instagram!