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A Review of The Last Book Store in Downtown LA

There is something so special and nostalgic about walking into a book store; the quiet ambiance, wandering up and down the aisles, the smell of books… With the closure of many bookstores around the world, in a new technological age, The Last Bookstore is an LA favorite, holding onto that classic bookstore feel and having tons of artistic, unique, and interactive elements throughout the store. Follow along to discover why The Last Bookstore is such a unique, historical part of LA.


The Last Bookstore is located at 453 South Spring Street in Downtown Los Angeles but originally began in 2005 in a Downtown Los Angeles loft by founder Josh Spencer. As the store quickly grew, it ended up at its current 2-story location, famous for its diverse variety of books, art gallery stores, incredible vinyl collection, and of course, its mystical interior decorations and interactive works of art crafted by books. (you have to go there to experience it yourself!)

Photo Courtesy: Kim Garcia of The Guardian

The Vinyl Gallery

The Last Bookstore is home to a spectacular vinyl gallery made up of a collection of thousands of vinyl records, including every type of music and artist you can think of! From vintage jazz and rock records to new and modern music, you can spend hours alone sifting through bins of records, looking for your favorite artists.  The Last Bookstore buys, sells, and trades records to accumulate this incredible collection and to keep it evolving and growing continuously. This is such a fun addition to this store that you must take the time to explore!


Explore the 2nd  Floor

The 2nd story of The Last Bookstore is an entire experience in itself. From artistic sculptures and tunnels created entirely out of books to hidden rooms and nooks, this floor is full of things to explore and experience. You could truly spend hours on this floor, browsing through stacks of books, discovering what’s in the unique art shops, and wandering through the hidden isles to discover even more books than you can imagine. This space has so much charm and character, with all of its quirky and creative touches, to the overall ambiance!

What Makes it Special

Aside from the visual and interactive entertainment throughout The Last Bookstore, this is truly a one-of-a-kind spot that everyone should experience at least once. This is the place where you can spend hours sitting on a couch reading quietly or studying, find the perfect gifts for your friends and family, or even take a friend from out of town just to enjoy the overall experience that it has to offer. The next time you’re in the neighborhood or want to head downtown for the day, make sure to save time for The Last Bookstore, we think you’ll be glad you did!