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A Guide to Becoming a “Lifestyle” Creator

The term “Lifestyle Creator” is taking over social media, and thanks to platforms like TikTok – you no longer have to have a perfectly curated feed, luxury clothes, or the most “aesthetic” kitchen in order to connect with a community. 

A lifestyle creator could be defined as a type of content creator that focuses on a variety of topics such as home decor, beauty, food, travel, fashion, and more. They showcase their day-to-day lives with a huge emphasis on their unique values, beliefs, and behaviors to evoke an aspirational or inspirational reaction from their audience. 

As someone who has strategized for these types of creators, here are my top 5 recommendations if you want to pursue this creative path

1. Start with what you have

Times have changed, and you don’t need a fancy camera to start creating. Start with what you have right now. The best way to gain momentum on social media is to become familiarized with all of the different types of “culture” of each platform, and you can only do so by actively creating and engaging with content. 

2. Embrace your background

Authenticity is cool – embrace your space, your culture, and your community. There are people out there who really need someone like you to show up for them; and while some creators use their flashy lifestyle to grow a following, in order to truly nurture supporters, it ultimately depends on who you are as a person. 

3. B-roll will be your best friend

Strategy is overrated. In the beginning, you should focus on exploring what excites you. Film yourself as much as you can – from brushing your teeth to going on a walk. The key here is to get footage that you can then repurpose into multiple pieces of content and minimize the amount of overthinking. 

4. Consistency is key

The truth is, your first couple of videos won’t be as great as your 50th video. People might not even see it! Instead of focusing on vanity metrics, think of other ways in which you can measure success, like video quantity and/or quality! 

5. Create a series

At the end of the day, we all go to social media to reconnect with the world around us. A great way to connect with people is to inspire them, educate them and/or entertain them so offer them information they can keep coming back to. Content series help you create familiarity with your audience & help them look forward to the next piece of content. Watch out, though – you don’t want to put yourself in a box! Try to have your perspective & personality be the source of retention rather than the information itself.

**Andrea Casanovais a celebrity viral marketer that focuses on organic content strategy. In addition to being the mind behind a lot of brands and influencers, she is also a content creator herself, giving tips on entrepreneurship, marketing, and wellness.**