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A Burger For Everyone: 8 Best Burger Spots in Los Angeles

Variety is the spice of life, and we certainly get a lot of that spice when it comes to our burger selections in Los Angeles. From the traditional cheeseburgers to plant-based and vegan burgers, and now the ever-popular smash burgers, you’re bound to find the bun to your patty here in our beautiful city. Along with the different burger varieties, many of LA’s best burger joints also offer their unique vibe. You can fight the seagulls and enjoy a burger and fries by the beach, opt for a drive-thru and get your fix in a pinch, or take a moment and treat yourself to a more upscale option with a side of truffle fries and wagyu beef. That’s the beautiful thing about burgers, there’s truly something for everyone, and we’ve pounded out 8 of our favorite burgers in LA with a little dash of what’s unique and flavorful about each one!

Pro Tip: LA has MANY great options, and new burger places are popping up all the time. If you have some old favorites that didn’t make our cut, feel free to let us know which ones you love! If you see some new ones listed here, give them a try. You never know when your new fave is just one bite away. 

1. Irv’s Burgers (West Hollywood)

Address: 7998 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90046

We promise, we love this place for its historically good burgers, and not just because Addison Rae posted about it a few times on her IG (although that helps). Irv’s has an amazing legacy that’s over 75 years in Hollywood, and if a burger is good enough for loyal celebrity customers like Frank Sinatra and The Rock, it’s good enough for us. The ambiance at Irv’s is traditional with a cartoony and fun twist, including the Just For You doodles on your plate. Irv’s has some of the best juicy burgers in town, oozing with Irv’s sauce and crisp vegetables, nestled in a freshly baked bun. If you’re new there, get the Just For You, and we trust you’ll love the meat-to-bun ratio. 

Photo – Eater Los Angeles

2. The Apple Pan (West LA)

Address: 10801 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064

The late-night diner vibe we all dream of, where nice waiters and waitresses bring a root beer float to the table while old do-wop floats its way to the comfy booth. The Apple Pan is all of these things, and with the motto “Quality Forever” it’s easy to see why this institution has remained popular since 1947. You can choose between the steakburger and the hickory burger (our pick), and if cheese is your thing, please upgrade and add the melted Tillamook Cheddar. Save some room for the Apple or Cherry Cream Pie, and you’ll be floating back home to take the best nap of your life. There’s something about fixings like crisp lettuce and savory pickles on your burger that just taste better when they come from The Apple Pan. 

Photo By – Discover Los Angeles

3. Amboy Quality Meats and Delicious Burgers (Chinatown)

Address: 727 N Broadway No. 117, Los Angeles, CA 90012

We will be honest, this burger place came recommended by burger-loving enthusiasts, who demanded that we at least give it one try to see if it makes the list. It was love at first bite, and their diverse menu boasts everything from the more traditional cheeseburger to caramelized onions, brioche buns, and crispy cheddar cheese. The fries melt in your mouth, and you can even get the AMBOY Chester or the Ordinarie breakfast burgers to experience the impressive satiation all over again the next morning. 

Photo By – The Infatuation

4. NoMoo Burgers (West Hollywood)

Address: 7507 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046

Get it, like No Moo? From the 100% vegan and plant-based burgers and chickenless chicken sandwiches to the sustainable and eco-friendly packaging, this is one burger joint you can feel good about indulging in. NoMoo’s burgers will have even the most vegan skeptical eater asking for more, and we feel like it gives google ole regular burgers a big run for their money. Also great for those who want to get a gluten-free bun. The pink and purple colored patio is super fun, making it feel like a true hang-out spot, the staff here are so friendly, and it’s exciting to try new dishes like an oyster mushroom “wings” and oat milk-based milkshakes. Highly recommend the namesake NoMoo burger, with the special NoMoo x Beyond Patty, a toasty brioche bun, and all the fixings, including ooey gooey dairy-free cheese. Bring your friend who shouts In-N-Out as their favorite burger here, and you just may have created a new NoMoo raving fan. 

We attended NoMoo’s Grand Re-opening party on November 12th and celebrated the release of their newest plant-based Cheeze crunch tacos, danced to a live DJ, and washed down a delicious BBQ ‘Facon’ Burger with a glorious Vegan Oreo Shake. We got the chance to sit and hang with NoMoo’s founder, George Montagu Brown, where we chatted about George’s mission to offer a new healthier, sustainable, and animal-friendly take on traditional classic take-out foods. 

Photo By – Restaurant

5. Mr. Charlies (Fairfax)

Address: 612 N La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036

Continuing on the vegan and plant-based tip, Mr. Charlies is almost as if you combined great burgers with an art exhibit and cultural commentary. Mr. Charlies went viral last spring as the ‘vegan McDonald’s’ on TikTok that everyone knew about, but their delicious burgers and Frowny Meal’s really sealed the deal. We go big and get the “Double Not” with fries, which features impossible burgers, vegan cheese, and all the Mc regular items like pickles, onions, ketchup, etc. This exhibition of plants shows that all of our old favorites can be replicated and made even better with the right intention, time, and care. The texture, taste, and flavor are all here, making our meal a little less frowny. Take a peak at their go-to phrase down below!

Photo By – Mr. Charlie’s

6. Easy Street (Studio City)

Address: 4143 Lankershim Boulevard, Studio City, CA 91602

Picking a favorite smash burger place in LA can get more heated and competitive than a sports rivalry, so we’ll tread lightly here and say there are MANY good options. One of them is Easy Street, a gloppy and gooey masterpiece of crunchy meat and perfectly melty cheese and toppings. If you are an onion lover, the upgrade for grilled onions is worth it. Their smashed concoctions are picture worthy, and we found Easy Street to have the crispiest patty of the bunch. The location can get very busy and there is limited seating, so be sure to factor that in mind for your trip. 

Photo By – Toast

7. Loupiotte Kitchen (Los Feliz)

Address: 1726 N Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027

For a more refined and elevated burger, Loupiotte’s Burger & Fries is an automatic YES. Usually known for their pastry treats and brunch, Loupiotte’s burger features a brioche bun, slow-roasted onions, Emmental cheese (think melty-like Gruyere), with peppery arugula, and a fresh tomato sauce. Their traditional sauce seems like a secret family recipe, and is so good it leaves you wanting more. Loupiotte is an adorable gem in Los Feliz, with plenty of seating and in a super fun area of town with great stores to walk around before you get too full. 

Photo By – The Infatuation

8. Pie N’ Burger (Pasadena)

Address: 913 E California Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91106

Special shout out to burger chains that you already know and love, like In-N-Out, Original Tommy’s, and Bob’s Big Boy, but for our last pick, we wanted to spotlight the classic and old-timey California spot Pie N’ Burger. Their menu is still one of the most affordable burger spots left here in LA, and they keep it super simple with time-tested beef, turkey, and vegetarian patties. The condiments here are also the usual fan favorites, with thousand island dressing to get extra saucy. If you are EXTRA hungry or trying to win a bet, ask the waiter for the Big Ben. Fun Fact: The current owner, Michael, first ate there as a 9-year-old and began working there in 1972, while studying dentistry at USC. So cute! 

Photo By – Pie ‘N Burger

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