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8 Record Shops in LA to Check Out

Vinyl record sales have exploded in the past few years, and LA is keeping up with the trend. Record stores are popping up all over the area, with some of the best record stores in LA. Some record stores have been around for decades, and others are just joining the fun!

Collecting records has become a timeless trend across generations that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Let’s explore some of the best record stores we love in LA that live up to the hype.

Cosmic Vinyl Cafe (Echo Park)

Address: 2149 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90026

Cosmic Vinyl Cafe is one of the best record stores in LA and is located in the heart of Echo Park, which is a must-see if you’re in LA. Echo Park is a walkable, eccentric neighborhood filled with coffee shops, bars, restaurants, and unique shops. Don’t sleep on Echo Park if you’re new to LA or just visiting.

Cosmic Vinyl offers coffee, tea, and vegan cuisine in addition to records. From vintage finds to dollar record bins, Cosmic Vinyl offers a variety of records for all music lovers to peruse. Cosmic Vinyl is a great place to socialize and honor the music of all genres while you sip on a latte or nibble on delectable vegan sandwiches or pastries. It sounds like a wholesome day to us!

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Permanent Records (Northeast LA)

Address: 1906 Cypress Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90065

Permanent Records is one of LA’s most extraordinary record stores because it doubles as a bar with live music and comedy. Permanent Records opens at 6:00 PM and stays open until 12:00 AM, Wednesday through Friday. You can kick back with your girls and watch some killer independent artists do their thing while you sip on some cocktails.

You have to be 21+ to enter since there’s a bar inside (yes, a bar!). They have a full bar with cocktails, beer, and wine, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy while you watch live music. They also have a web store where you can buy or sell records, but their selection isn’t as extensive as it is in-store.

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Mount Analog (Silverlake)

Address: 2217 Hyperion Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90027

You can browse books, art, records, and apparel at Mount Analog. This record store has a particularly diverse collection of vinyl records and cassettes. Mount Analog also hosts events and music performances from time to time. While they are smaller than other record stores, don’t let that dissuade you from stopping by.

Mount Analog might just have the record you’ve been searching for. Additionally, Mount Analog offers representation and artist management. If you’re into dance music, esoteric music, or electronic music, you’ll love Mount Analog. They are only open on the weekends from 12:09 PM until 8:00 PM. On Sunday, they close up around 6:00 PM, so be sure to stop by in time to grab some new tunes.

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Headline Records (Melrose)

Address: 7706 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90046.

Headline Records is another one of the most eclectic record stores in LA. Headline Records is proud of its reputation as a punk alternative to other record stores. If you’re a fan of punk, hardcore, or garage vibes, you’ll love this record shop on Melrose.

Headline Records is open seven days a week from noon until 8:00 p.m. This punk store offers much more than records, with a vast selection of apparel and accessories, including backpacks, pins, punk rock accessories, books, and zines. Think Hot Topic fused with vintage records in an independent fashion. The owner is widely known for his work ethic and friendly and knowledgeable demeanor.

The Record Parlour (Hollywood)

Address: 6408 Selma Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90028

Stop by The Record Parlour in the heart of Hollywood for a focused selection of funk, rock, and soul. The Record Parlour has a laid-back clubhouse vibe that’s really cool to experience.

They have a list of scheduled sales and events, like Vinyl Happy Hour, that you can join on Instagram. This is one of the record stores in LA offering vintage restored audio gear along with rare jukeboxes. Their records cover a variety of genres and price ranges, so there’s sure to be a one fit for everyone!

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Rockaway Records (Silverlake)

Address: 2395 Glendale Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90039

Rockaway Records is known for its rare gems that help them stand out from its competitors. They have autograph collections that cost a pretty penny but are a prized collection to view. In addition to their rare relics, Rockaway Records also offers a vast selection of CDs and rock memorabilia for all genres of music.

While you can find rare records anywhere, Rockaway Records goes out of its way to collect them. Rockaway Records travels for vintage and valuable collections to add to its inventory. You have to make an appointment to visit this store, but it’s a must-see attraction if you’re a fan of records. If you’re looking for vintage memorabilia or records, Rockaway Records is your spot.

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Record Surplus (Sawtelle)

Address: 12436 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90025

Record Surplus is one of the largest record stores in LA. You can buy and sell vinyl records at this delightful shop on Santa Monica Boulevard. Record Surplus has been around since 1985 and has over 100,000 vinyl records and CDs in its store.

From vintage to new releases, Record Surplus has something for everyone. Their staff is super friendly and knowledgeable, so you can dig through crates of records and ask questions whenever you need. Record Surplus raises funds for local radio stations and supports local non-profit music groups.

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Record Shops in LA: Vintage Fun

There’s nothing like digging through record crates to find a gem. These record stores offer hundreds of shelves and crates to go through that host antiques and collectibles you can’t find anywhere else. You’re sure to find what you’re looking for and perhaps even something you aren’t. If you love records, don’t miss these record stores in LA that might make your trip even more worthwhile!