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7 Tips to Survive your first year Living in LA from real LA Locals

Moving to a new place can cause many feelings to arise, but it can also be such an exciting change brought into your life. We know change is hard for most people, so we asked a few local LA boss-babes who have experienced it all for their tips to make this process feel a little easier. Enjoy this experience… and you got this!

Hopped off the plane at LAX… Now what?

1. “The best advice I ever got was to find a go-to spot once I moved to LA! (Or two of them.) Find somewhere casual, like a coffee shop and another more “shwanky” spot. Frequent either of them, even if it’s only a cup of coffee you buy every day. These will become familiar and start to feel like home, plus, you now have two go-to spots the next time someone in LA says “let’s do a coffee/lunch/or dinner meeting.” Bonus: get to know the staff or manager and not only will the big city will start to feel smaller, but you’ll also get warm greetings whenever you take your guests in.”

– Erika De La Cruz, 7 Year LA Resident

Dialog Cafe, West Hollywood – Photo by WEHOville

2. “Get to know the local museums and libraries! LA has so much to offer in terms of food, nightlife, and entertainment, but the museums and local libraries also have amazing free events and exhibits. From the Getty to the Natural History Museum to the California Science Center, they will leave you inspired and expand your world.” 

– Meryl Klemow, 2 Year LA Resident

Brand Library, Glendale – Photo by LA Times

3. “You have to explore all of the beautiful places that surround Los Angeles. The first year I moved here I went on mini road trips every month to explore California and was always stunned by the beauty which made me fall even more in love with living here. A few of my favorite spots to visit on quick weekend trips are Sequoia National Park, Santa Barbara, and Topanga❤️.”

– Priscilla Presley, 6 Year LA Resident

Santa Barbara Pier

4. “One of my favorite things to do in LA is to explore the different farmers markets and flea markets! My go-to farmers market is the one on Melrose Place, and I go almost every week! The food is incredible, and it’s in such a cute part of town. I usually go with friends and we will stock up on groceries for the week and stop for coffee at Alfred’s! As for the flea markets, my absolute favorite is the Rose Bowl flea market in Pasadena. If you’re a lover of vintage clothes, jewelry, or art, you have to plan a day here! You could spend hours walking around, just looking at all of the cool finds, and there are also some great prices!”

– Lindey Sage, 1 Year LA Resident

Melrose Place Farmers Market

5. “The fastest way to Hollywood is Fountain Avenue.” “Don’t settle for a toxic work environment.” “A great way to meet people is by signing up for a gym class and going consistently.

– Kathy Selim, 10 Year LA Resident

Sign Up for a Gym Class

6. “Just say YES to all opportunities. Yes to that happy hour, yes to a club, yes to going to a random farmers market you drove by on a Sunday because you never know who you’re going to meet or experience.”

– Kate McKenna, 5 Year LA Resident

Say Yes to that Happy Hour Invite

7. “Every neighborhood is SO different, when people have generalized stereotypes about all people in a city, it’s often inaccurate. Find the neighborhood and the crew that vibes with you.”

“You need a full year to really find your neighborhood, friends, your vibe! I think everyone needs to give LA a full year of loving before they make their final decision on the city. It can be intimidating at first but if you find where you belong it’s the best city.”

– Ally Lyons, 2 Year LA Resident & Christina Lyons, 5 Year LA Resident

Find Your Crew & Part of LA That Fits You