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7 Mexican-Owned Fashion, Home & Accessory Brands to Know (2022)

And YES- they are oh so chic! On the heels of Cinco de Mayo, we are continuing to celebrate Mexican heritage all month long by shining a light on Mexican business owners (both in LA and Mexico.) As a Mexican American, who grew up in California, visible Mexican, female CEOs were in short supply and so were Mexican-owned luxury brands. I didn’t see it every day, but when I traveled to actual Mexico to see my family, I was introduced to a business savy, aspirational side of what my adolescent self thought of as “Mexican.” Each of the below businesses reenforce hispanic as iconic




Turquoise is a Mexican-owned contemporary lifestyle destination and brand that sells chic and inspired outfit essentials for every woman. It is owned by empowered women, to empower women! Their garments are trendy and shared in real life contextual spaces so you can imagine yourself at brunch, on a day out in the garments. Turquoise goes beyond clothing retail, into an inspirational place online, for women to access the best parts of themselves. If you’re in the U.S. and ordering, don’t be alarmed, the pricing is all in PESOS 😉 so they’ll appear much higher. Happy shopping!

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Gladys Tamez

Tamez shouts clients from Lady Gaga, Megan Thee Stallion, Lil Nas, Ariana Grande, and can be seen in hit TV shows such as “American Horror Story”, Gladys Tamez has made her mark in LA. Growing up in Mexico, Gladys Tamez had a special love for hats because of her upbringing in Northern Mexico and Mexican traditions such as ‘corridas’ (bullfights). Noticing that there wasn’t a market for stylish, quality hats, Tamez created a luxury heritage product brand called ‘Gladys Tamez Millinery.’ Through her artistic, historical fashion hat designs, Gladys Tamez’s rule and goal are to give her clients the confidence they need.




“Table-scaping”- a term I recently learned that embodies every aesthetic step in setting a good table! Get ready, because you’ll want to buy just about every piece after reading more. Zash is a pandemic-born brand with staying power, led by two Mexican women, Zarina and Margarita. During quarantine, Zarina founder herself locked in a house with two teenage daughters who were starving for a spark of excitement or anything resembling a social affair. She thought, how can I create a moment that’s truly special for them? The answer: by transforming a meal into an occasion! She began by embroidering napkins to make the space look special and eventually teamed up with Margarita (who has a background in interior design) to form Zash. Their products are luxurious and joyful, making a happy contribution to all who set their tables using the porcelain sets or hand-embroidered serviettes.  “It’s about the experience of being generous. Inviting someone into your home, rather than hitting a near by restaurant.”- Zarina Rivera

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Cisco Home

After growing up in a small village in Mexico, Cisco Pinedo moved to Los Angeles. During his time in LA, he learned new ways to build furniture and soon started his own company, Cisco Home. Now, for three decades, Cisco Home has been creating handmade furniture through repurposed materials, donating to nonprofits, and teaching servable skills in underserved neighborhoods. Cisco Home is all about sustainability, craftsmanship, comfort, and community.



Raggedy Tiff

We know this list wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t mention fashion. In 2010, Jessica Resendiz, founded Raggedy Tiff, a brand focusing on the empowerment and culture of her Mexican roots. Besides apparel, Raggedy Tiff also specializes in home decor, stationery, and accessories. Check out her recent collection “Mujer on a Mission 22” which translates to ‘Women on a Mission.”

Pink Revolver

Jewelry, jewelry and more jewelry. (Did we mention jewelry?) Pink Revolver is a Mexico-based brand helping you layer on mixed metals, precious stones and more. For every occasion and in every category, the brand spotlights designs that are cool and relevant to the client. Check it out and let us know what you land on.

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Hedley & Bennett

Cooking can be easy or difficult, depending on who you ask. But every first-timer or experienced cook knows the value of an apron. After coming back to LA to cook professionally, Bennett noticed the poor quality of the aprons and sought to make better quality aprons. Now, if you are looking for an apron that is durable, functional, and has stellar designs and fabrics, Hedley & Bennett is the go-to place.

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