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5 Things to Know About Fashion Week

What is it? 

“Fashion Week, Fashion Week, Fashion Week.” You hear about it happening certain times of the year and wonder- is this a place? one week? Who are these designers? And How do I get the just of what’s taking place. Here are 5 things to know that will bring you up to speed and speaking “savvy” about the year’s happenings. 

Is Fashion Week just one week? 

Fashion Week is an industry week long series of runway show presentations (traditionally meant for buyers to preview the selection of garments available to sell to their consumers) and for the media to watch and write reviews of designers and their collections each year. It has evolved into 4-5 day period of festivities, taking over many cities and has become a hub for influencers, fashion enthusiasts and stylists to get inspired.

Where is it?

Several places, all year long. Fashion Week’s main hubs are New York, Paris, Milan, London, Rome. However, there are even “fashion weeks” across the U.S. (and probably in your city) that you can attend. Though the brands may not be affiliated with the main “Mecca’s” quite yet, they still serve the same purpose: to introduce you to designers who have expressed their art through design, in hopes of gaining BUZZ & BIZZ! 

Is Fashion Week “invite” only? 

No, (unofficially.) Yes (officially.) Similar to something like Comic Con, where there’s one main hall and an official event, but the streets are full of other ones with many different brands hosting parties or pop ups, Fashion Week too, is usually full of pop up events  branded “Fashion Week” celebrations and you can have tons of fun at them and still feel the fashionable vibes and atmosphere of the week’s festivities. Do your research on which are the best fit for you, get in touch with the brand for invitations or look to see if tickets are sold. Official NYFW/PFW/MFW/LFW runway shows are invitation only and tickets can not be purchased. Yes they are fabulous, but if you’re just getting started, there’s still plenty to do, plenty of photos to be taken & plenty of people to meet without them.

How can I follow along?

While official sites like NYFW  can be helpful per city, others love tracking their favorites by following along the journeys with their own go-to “fashionable folllows,” like influencers or creators, who will be there. This is a reliable way to track things you know you’ll enjoy, get the inside scoop and not be too overwhelmed in the process. The LA Girl & Editor in Chief, Erika De La Cruz, will be covering Essence Magazine’s Fashion House, Classic 6’s Capsule Collections Alice & Olivia, Tiffany Brown & more presentations this week. Follow along her journey HERE and stay tuned on the LA Girl for all your favorite re-caps!

Photos by Irina LSbookmark for your next NYC vaycay.