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5 Places to Get The Best Birria Tacos in Los Angeles

“Let’s go get some birria” has been an phrase we’ve been hearing a lot all over LA. ICYMI birria tacos has become a recent popular craze, especially in California. Birria is a tender meat made like a stew served solo or in a taco (the way we like them) and originated from the state of Jalisco in Mexico. Meat features mostly beef, lamb, or goat and you can typically find the best birria tacos in Los Angeles at a restaurant or off a food truck. Now that the city has been saturated with so many places to get a good birria taco, we’re here to tell you where to get the absolute best. So to take the guess work out of where to go, here is a list of the best birria tacos in LA and how we prefer to eat them. Don’t get too hungry!

1. Birrieria San Marcos

Location: 5937 Hazeltine Ave, Los Angeles

This is one of LA’s most popular food trucks!, Birrieria San Marcos has a menu filled with favorites for lovers of Mexican food. You can order birria any way you want! Get birria in a soft taco, mulitas, quesadilla, or in tacos. Rice and beans are also on the menu. If you’re going to get anything here, we highly recommended their gluten-free queso birria tacos. They’re crunched to perfection with cheesy birria inside. But if you’re feeling adventurous, go for the birria ramen (noodles)! 

2. Birria Los Socios

Locations: 3544 E 3rd Place, Los Angeles

Birria Los Socios is a restaurant in Boyle Heights that also has two food trucks in Cypress Park and West Covina. This place has gained a large following on social media and has even caught the attention of celebrity chef Aaron Sanchez, (known for his work on the Food Network). This place is worth the visit because they seriously have the best birria tacos in Los Angeles. Indulge in all things birria including the birria pizza (taco style) which is loaded with meat and melted cheese. Dip your tacos in the hot consome which is a hot stew accompanying the tacos on the side. Our choice is the Vampiro which carries the birria inside 2 toasted tortillas with cheese.


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3. Birria La Tia Juana

Location: 701 Lillian Way, Hollywood

Here’s the thing, the best food is sometimes served off of the best food trucks! So here’s a birria taco place to try on wheels, but luckily always parked in the same location. Birria La Tia Juana not only has the best birria crunchy tacos in Los Angeles (with cheese is our preferred method), but also has the best birria nachos loaded with tender meat, beans, cheese, onions and cilantro. Don’t forget to stop by on Taco Tuesdays for special discounts and prices too.


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4. Teddy’s Red Tacos

Location: 1292 South La Brea Ave, Los Angeles

Believe the hype – Teddy’s Red Tacos are the best! We love that they have multiple locations throughout the Los Angeles area, and their birria is cooked up  with Tijuana style options. On the menu there are a variety of choices including birria tostadas, mulitas, quesadillas, tortas and vampiros. Side dishes include rice and beans, chips and salsa and corn tortillas. Teddy’s Red Tacos also caters for events too, so you can get everyone hooked on birria style tacos. Innovative, appetizing, and easy to order, you will find some of the best tacos right here. 


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5. Tacos y Unica y Birria

Location: 5871 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles

Appearing on Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, Tacos y Unica y Birria offer amazing flavors and crispy, cheesy birria tacos. These are seriously the best birria tacos in LA…I mean even  John Legend paid them a visit! The simplicity of their tacos is what makes them them the best. Just the birria and cheese with a little salsa on the side is how we like them.With two food truck locations in the Los Angeles area, customers will also find birria pizza, ramen, tortas, and more. Keep in mind, if you are too busy to head out for lunch, Tacos y Unica y Birria offers UberEATS and Door Dash conveniently.

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