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5 Must Experience Drive-Ins in LA

Watching movies in theaters has become more and more expensive over the years. And as much as Angelenos love their films, we also love the experience!

Now that summer is here, nights are going to fall right into that sweet spot of not too cold but not too hot. It’s the perfect time to see a movie at a drive-in.

Not only are drive-ins awesome because you can see 2 movies for basically the price of one movie at a theater. Plus you get to sit or hangout in or on your own car and it is the ultimate cute date!

Here are 5 must experience drive-ins in LA: 

Pacific Theaters Vineland Drive-In

City of Industry

At this drive in, you’ll feel like you’re back in a beautiful classic 50s setting, all while watching new movies being released!

It’s the best of both worlds in its retro decorations, yet current movies. Pacific Theaters Vineland Drive-In is kid friendly, a cute spot for couples of any age and has showings 7 days a week.

Mission Tiki Drive-In Theatre


The gem that is the Mission Tiki Drive-In Theatre has been opened since 1956, but don’t underestimate it’s charm! It was freshly renovated 50 years later in 2006 for a fresh rejuvenated feel.

The tiki theme brings the 50s feel all these years later, but the food stand has standard drive-in fare, like that of American and Mexican food! This drive-in features new box-office films as well as older classics.

Van Buren Drive-In


If you’re in Riverside on Van Buren Boulevard, you may have seen the beauty that is the Van Buren Drive-In. Opened in 1965 at an orange grove, it was redeveloped a decade later. 

You can’t go wrong with watching films in your car with your family or date where an orange grove used to be!

Paramount Drive-In Theater


Talk about shiny and new, the Paramount Drive-In Theater is finally making a comeback after having temporarily closed, for 22 years. There are now two 75 foot screens, FM radio sound, and a great food menu!

You and your date are bound to have a wonderful time, or bring the kids for a family movie night!

Rubidoux Drive-In Theater


The Rubidoux Drive-In Theater believes you shouldn’t just go see a movie, but you should experience one!

It’s one of the oldest drive-ins to still be operating, with its original screen tower having been opened in 1948!

Of course it has a lot of it’s 1940’s charm, but fear not, it has kept up with technological advances. You can catch double features there any day of the week.

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