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5 Latina Influencers in LA, to Follow Immediately

Who are the Latina women you look up to or depend on for inspo everyday? There are so many Latina leaders, content creators, and public figures who are all important to championing the Latina community, especially in Los Angeles. They help and inspire women to succeed and accomplish their goals. So, we listed 5 Latina influencers in LA that every LA Girl should know about.

Erika De La Cruz: Manifestation, Fashion & Redefining Latina Stigmas

Our own Editor and Chief of The LA Girl, Erika De La Cruz. Perfect if you’re looking to manifest your most inspired life. Lifestyle motivation, fashion inspo, mindset and awesome event highlights is what you’ll find here. If being inspired by imperfect, authentic, inspirational women is your thing, look no further. She aims to redefine traditional Mexican stereotypes from the help, to the boss. Her content will give you a front row seat to aspirational events, career moves and looks, without the seemingly “perfect” facade. Explore further at her website:

MJ Acosta-Ruiz: TV Personality Highlights & NFL-Filled Lifestyle

The rise of women in the sports industry is finally here. Whether you are into sports or not, every LA Girl should follow trailblazer MJ Acosta-Ruiz. She is the first Afro-Latina sports anchor currently hosting NFL Total Access, NFL Network, and the co-host for On Her Turf podcast. (Just casually making history.) Her insta gives inspiration from all the amazing work she does in the sports world, on television and insight into her newly wed life.

Liz Hernandez: Mindful Living & Using Your Words Intentionally

Let’s talk about Liz Hernandez, a highly successful Mexican-American, Emmy nominated television personality and journalist. After leaving Access Hollywood, Liz started her own company called, Wordaful, a video and live event series that focuses on the importance of how we communicate with others and ourselves. Follow her IG for inspiration and to be a part of the Wordaful journey. Bonus: From March to April, Liz Hernandez will go on a Wordaful tour where she will communicate with guests about their personal and professional journey.

Careerchristen: Personal & Professional Career Advice in the Social Media Realm

Are you in need of career advice? Having worked at Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok, Christen is to go-to Latina for career advice. Whether you are starting your career, stuck, or looking for bigger opportunities, Christen always has helpful advice for every woman to succeed. Bonus: Christen is a founder of Clara for Creators, which helps to empower creators by providing them access to information they need to be successful.

Andrea Casanova: Content Marketing, Entrepreneurship & Personal Shares

Lastly, Andrea Casanova is a Latina entrepreneur who uses TikTok and other tools to help companies achieve their goals. From influencers, celebrities, to big-name companies, Andrea Casanova is successful at utilizing vertical videos to increase brand awareness and helps her audience do the same. Her gram and TikTok are all about marketing, business tips, and valuable information that every LA Girl should know!