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4 Real Life Lessons from Reality TV

Kicking off a brand new year is sometimes the kickstart we need to look within and find the areas we’d love to improve for the next 12 months. Maybe this is the year you up your dating game, make the effort to go out with friends, boost the confidence factor, take on a long overdue home project, or book that cruise around the Mediterranean coast. There are so many sides of life that we can pick and choose to elevate and there are so many places to grab some inspiration. Reality television is a tried and true source of motivation (even if it’s a little dramatic). Love, friendships, home renovations, exotic destinations are all highlighted ingeniously through the lens of others and Sling TV has our daily dose of the can’t miss reality TV shows. 

Travel & Lifestyle: Below Deck: Mediterranean

Channel: Bravo (Available on Sling TV)

Need some vacation inspiration? Travel to the pristine waters of Malta, one of the smallest and most historic archipelagos in the world, with Bravo TV’s Below Deck: Mediterranean. In this first spinoff to the hit show, Captain Sandy brings a 163-foot motor yacht to a new location, and with an all-new crew. With Malta as their office and playground, the “yachties” navigate complicated romances, unruly guests, and a boat that is rocking like never before.

The Takeaway:After watching this fun filled and adventurous series, who knows, you may discover that cruises could be your thing, or maybe it’s travel in 2023 that you turn your attention to.

Home Renovation Inspo: Love it or List it

Channel: HGTV (Available on Sling TV)

Can’t decide on what to do with your current home? Let interior designer Hilary Farr and real estate agent David Visentin from HGTV’s Love it or List it help you make a decision on whether you should renovate or sell. Farr transforms homeowners worn-out spaces into tempting welcoming ones, while Visentin works to find new properties better suited for them.

The Takeaway: Tough decisions are to be had watching this show, but you’ll get the vibe of wanting to move or improve your home. It also sparks thoughts of an alternate real-estate career and purchasing your very 1st home.

Dating & Relationships: 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?

Channel: TLC (Available on Sling TV)

Get ready to binge alot of this show. Die hard fans of the original series 90 Day Fiance will love catching up with their favorite couples in this companion series. The show reveals what has gone on in the lives of the returning couples since they tied the knot. Expect drama to be dialed all the way up because I think we can all agree that marrying someone you have known for no more than 90 days comes with a lot more risks than normal.

The Takeaway:We can only hope you learn from any mistakes here in your own relationship and strive to create your version of a “happily ever after.” Maybe you’ll hang up the bumble-hat and stay away from dating all together this year. Regardless, this one should offer some insightful perspective on all things relationships!

No More Drama?: The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Channel: Bravo (Available on Sling TV

Are you ready to get in touch with your dramatic side? The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City are serving up things very, very  cold for your viewing pleasure. Catch up on all the family and friendship drama surrounding this group of women living their luxe lives in the great state of Utah. One of the housewives has certainly had their fair share of controversy if you’ve paid any attention to the reality TV headlines. Let’s juts say there was a telemarketing scheme orchestrated that sentenced her to 6 and a half years in federal prison. Yup, sometimes money can’t keep you off thin ice.

The Takeaway: Probably the best thing about watching any Real Housewives show, you learn about bringing in the friends that matter most to you and the ones you want to keep at a martini arms distance. Working on setting some boundaries this year? This one could be for you.

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And as much as we love binging reality TV, watching a classic rom-com is another fantastic way to decompress. Check out these favorites to get you into a Valentine’s Day mood.