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4 Must Try AirBnb Experiences Near LA

Even though the City of Angels is one of the only few cities in the country in which you could go surfing at the beach, go snowboarding, visit national desert parks, and hike beautiful mountain ranges – all in the same day – for some reason, it still gets so hard to think of plans. Let us lift the weight off your shoulders with 4 of our favorite AirBnb experiences.

Kokedama Plant Making Workshop

Have you ever seen those hanging moss-balls that could make any dull room look like an art gallery? Originally from Japan, Kokedama (Japanese for moss ball) is a very popular garden form often made up of peat moss, bonsai soil, and moss sheet.

This Kokedama Plant Making Workshop is hosted by Topacio, the founder of Los Angeles Plant Club based in Echo Park. Not only do you get to make two Kokedamas and take them home, but you’ll also leave with this practice’s history, and how it relates to the philosophy of wabi sabi: the view or thought of finding beauty in every aspect of imperfection in nature. 

Great for: couples, friends & teams

Tea in a Hummingbird Sanctuary

Are you a fan of Alice in Wonderland? Because this  hummingbird oasis will make you feel magical. Enjoy an intimate tea party with feathered friends under ancient oak trees. The garden is home to many types of hummingbird species which the host, Szilvia, can tell you all about! 

This calming experience based in Santa Paula is great if you want to take a break from the city without having to drive hours away. Did we also mention that these fairy-like creatures will get very close to you? So make sure to have your phone ready & in slow-mo!

Great for: couples, friends & family

Sacred Sound and Tea Ceremony

We’ve officially entered the new astrological year, which means that it is time to shed old beliefs and wake up in our highest potential reality. This immersive sound-healing ceremony will make sure you relax but also purge anything that is holding you back. 

We had the opportunity to do the night ceremony which made the experience even more mystical as we saw meteors shoot across the sky in Yucca Valley. As you’re wrapping up your ceremony, Leyah will help you open your heart chakra with herbs and flowers that help you reconnect with your inner self.

Great for: couples, friends & family

Cat Cafe Drink Coffee & Lounge With Cats

What if we told you that you could get caffeinated and snuggle with furry friends all in the same spot? Make sure you stop by the CatCafe Lounge to get the best of both worlds. This non-profit Cat Cafe will get you all in your feels since this experience is as therapeutic as it is social.

Though it feels like a big playground for cats, there’s a deeper and honorable mission behind it: to decrease euthanization and get kitties to a loving home.

Great for: couples, friends & family