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3 West Hollywood Restaurants w/ Incredible Food

What this list is: places to get gourmet (actually fabulous) food to leave you oh so satisfied. Depending on how you define your night out, one of these will be a culinary win for you and the lucky + one. What this list is not: a “bang for your buck” list with quick deals. 😉 Though we’d love to create that later, these restaurants are for when you’re feeling like a shwank outing with food, that’s worth your time spent in getting ready and paying the bill.

Norah (all around outing)

This ambiance is 10/10, indoor and on a beautiful back patio. Presentation of the dishes is absolutely beautiful and the quality of the bites melt like butter on your tongue.

Personal Tip:  Ask your server to pace your food because the kitchen is quick, this way you can enjoy several courses. The plates are designed to be shareable, perfect for when you want to sample everything on the menu.

Favorites: I’m a vegetarian so my favs were the cast iron cornbread with rosemary honey butter (photo above,) the gnocchi and pizza. My hubby loved the meat ball dish & we both swooned for the cauliflower/eggplant medley.

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Guisados (casual outing)

Just BOMB tacos. Soft hand made tortillas and gourmet spins on classics like a quesadilla. I guarantee you, you’ve never had this quesadilla- panela sliced and grilled cheese, filled with chipotle crema.

Personal Tip: This is extremely casual, but the tacos are a little bit pricey. Whether you order, pick up or eat in, you’re going for the quality, not a night out. There’s usually festive music playing and people watching is definitely a perk of dining in. This place is my go-to. One other thing, if you can’t take spice: say “no chile” for your whole order and they’ll make sure that not even your side items have any hot sauce decoration.

Favorites: Mine: Quesadilla, because YAS. Vegan medley- the veggies are so fresh! Hubby’s- mole poblano & steak tacos.

More info HERE

Olivetta ( “uppity” outing)

Gorgeous decor, friendly staff and trust that you’ll be dining amongst go-getters. See what I mean below.

Personal Tip: If you’re looking to get all dressed up for a grammable night out, turn around, unless you’re okay with documenting the ride over only. This one is a no photo zone, but it’s due to the fact that they boast a list of celebrity clientele, J-lo its most notable frequent guest, she was there just 3 days ago folks. This would be a good one to just sit and manifest boss-dreams, see, or be seen. One other negative (or positive, depending how you see it) is that dress code is strictly enforced. Don’t even think about wearing shorts or flip flops boys.

Favorites: How can anyone charge $12 for bread and butter? They can. It was that good and we still can’t figure out why. I fell hard for the roasted carrots and pesto pasta- it’s not salty, heavy or overdone. Hubby loved the bread too! 

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