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Decor: 3 Tips for Styling a Book Wall

1. Color-Coding:

This isn’t a library, where the business books can’t co-mingle with the sci fi books, and the spirituality books are kept away from the coloring ones… this is about décor. It was recommended  to me to organize my books by color! The color blocks allowed me to figure out where to place my accessories, which is step two.

2. Accessorizing:

Book Walls aren’t the same as book shelves and are often referred to as “accessory walls.” It’s not just about books!

Crystals your thing? Throw them in. Fashion your thing? Place your favorite shoes and accessories in as book ends. My Just Fab Boots went with the reds, while the Gucci ‘s found themselves in blue and white land. Gardener to your core? Pop in a couple plants for greenery! Disclaimer: my plants are very fake and I don’t have the healthiest track record for keeping real ones alive. So, if you go with real plants, just make sure they’re on an easy to reach shelf-level to keep them watered and happy.

3. Make it personal

I’m a big believer that your surroundings directly correlate to your feelings. I infamously take photos of where I am the minute I get good news, so that I can frame the photos and recreate the moment to attract more good news later! (I’m no Marie Condo and I’m certainly not a professional decorator) but, I do know that I enjoy being personally connected to the things around me. Plus, you’ll save yourself a trip to Homegoods by looking around the house for personal items: jewelry boxes, framed photos, candles or any extras that make you smile. Can you spot the red and white “spaceship” in my book wall? The hubby painted it at an arts and crafts night for Valentines day! 

Bonus Tip: Get Help

I’m on a constant time crunch and though I enjoy nice spaces, I’m not great with creating them. So, I asked the owner of Dobe Designs to pop in for some help! Female-Founded and a woman of many talents, Lauren Cheek also runs an agency called Minimalist Movement, with whom she shot the above photos. If you’re looking to decorate & then capture proof of your newly renovated space, either company provides a two for one :). Happy designing!