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3 Mistakes Tourists Make While Visiting LA

Recently, we were able to work in collaboration with the Huffington Post to share what we believe to be the biggest mistakes that tourists make while visiting LA. We found there THREE major ones you need to be aware of when you decide to visit our sunshine filled city any time soon!

1. Staying In Hollywood

We get it, Hollywood is where you want to be! But not everything is oh so glamorous in Tinseltown. One big mistake tourists make is the decision to stay in Hollywood because they think it’s the place to be for shopping, food and to get that total celebrity vibe. Here’s what we suggest!  Try an area called the Norma Triangle where you can hit Melrose [Avenue] for shopping and cool restaurants. Santa Monica Boulevard is the place to be if you’re looking to find a happening string of bars. Over at in West Hollywood public park, you can sit, recharge, and find some serenity. The Grove, one of LA’s premiere destinations for shopping and people watching,  is a great place to catch a movie, browse through the outdoor farmers market and experience live music.

2. Expecting To See Celebrities In Hollywood

We’ve heard this classic phrase before. “Head to Hollywood Boulevard to see celebrities!” But going to LA based off this stereotype will only make you miss the stars! This is another classic mistake we see repeated. Here’s what we know. You’ll only see tourists crowd the streets of Hollywood Boulevard. The only exceptions are [late-night host] Jimmy Kimmel’s guests making their way to and from the theater across a back alley behind the El Capitan Entertainment Centre, the occasional film premiere and when a celebrity gets a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. If you’re really looking to people-watch, you’re going to want to stay at a local hotel or head to a local restaurant, usually around the West Hollywood area. A good sign that celebrities frequent certain establishments is when those establishments won’t allow photos. Here are some of our suggestions:  Olivetta, Craig’s or BOA Steakhouse.

3. Forgetting To Map Out Activities Ahead Of Time

Friend of the LA Girl, Stuart Brazell, recommends visitors to “strategically plan your day and break things up into specific areas — for example, West Hollywood/Beverly Hills, Westside/beaches and Hollywood/Eastside. There is so much to see and do in these communities and phenomenal places to eat.”

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