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7 Awesome Reasons To Go To 29Rooms

Art, creativity and imagination – it all comes together at the spectacular 29Rooms. Hosted by Refinery29, 29Rooms allows visitors to dive into a world of wonder with 29 intricate, aesthetically pleasing and awe-inspiring rooms. We had a total blast at this beautiful space, so here are seven reasons why you should go to 29Rooms!

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Tons Of Instagram-worthy Moments

A must-have at 29Rooms is your camera because you are bound to take tons of amazing photos throughout your fun day. Every corner you turn, you meet yet another perfect place to take one fantastic Instagram picture. You’re definitely going to fill up your camera roll with excellent pictures from 29Rooms. The only dilemma is which one of the hundreds of pics you’re going to post first!


Celebrities & Brand-Collaborated Rooms

Demi Lovato, Emma Roberts, Janelle Monáe and more – so many popular celebrities have added their finishing touches to a lot of the rooms that are displayed at 29Rooms. In addition, renowned brands including Marc Jacobs, Adidas, Urban Decay Cosmetics, and more helped design some of the rooms too.


It’s Fully Interactive

One of the many terrific things about 29Rooms is how interactive and “hands on” it is. Whether you’re getting a palette and painting on a Japanese lantern or even getting an airbrush tattoo at the room that was collaborated on with Demi Lovato, 29Rooms allows you to express yourself and show off your creativity in so many different ways.


It Addresses Social Movements

From feminism to gender neutral bathrooms, 29Rooms brought attention and awareness to all of the progress we have made in society and the ones that we still need to fight for.


You Can Join A Silent Disco Party

Would you like to dance like no one’s watching? Count us in! Not only can you take some epic pictures inside the disco ball room, but you can even put on some headphones and show your dance moves too.


You Can “Be Your Own Masterpiece”

Grab a painted coat and some sunglasses, it’s time to become one with the art. At the “Be Your Own Masterpiece” room, you get to camouflage right into the artwork. You’ll get to show off how much of a masterpiece you truly are.


They Even Have Fashionable Merch

You’re definitely going to have an unforgettable time at 29Rooms, so to remember your exciting and fun-filled day, why not grab yourself some merch? 29Rooms created awesome shirts, pins, hoodies and more that you can wear. The best part about it is that part of the proceeds go to Step Up, an organization that helps girls who live in or go to school in under-resourced communities.


Keep up to date with 29Rooms and see when more tickets will be available for purchase by visiting their official website here.

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