The Top 5 2015 Consumer Trends Every LA Girl Should Watch For

2015 Consumer Trends are on top of everyone’s mind this time of year, we all want to know what’s coming next. With new technology, apps, and devices coming out so frequently, it’s hard to know what else companies are developing to please the ever-demanding consumer. Here are the top 5 trends that we will be seeing in the next coming months:

2015 Consumer Trends - Invisible Money

1) Invisible Money
That’s right. Before it was cash that we saw disappear with the popularity of credit cards, but now even those are going away. Many transactions will now be completed over the phone where your payment information is stored. This means that security will be more of an issue than ever to make sure that your information stays safe. 48% of smartphone users prefer to pay with their phones.

2015 Consumer Trends - Sharing Economy

2) Sharing is Caring
We’ve seen the rise of the companies like AirBNB and Uber that encourages a sharing community and we’ll see even more of that in 2015. According to Ericsson’s 2015 Consumer Trends report, over 50% of smartphone users are open to renting out their spare rooms, appliances, bikes and cars when they are not in use. It promotes efficiency and saves money as well as resources.

2015 Consumer Trends - Online Streaming

3) Streaming is the New Watching
Data has shown that more people will be streaming online rather than watching broadcast TV. Consumers prefer on-demand services to be able to watch their shows at their convenience, rather than having to view it on TV during a specific air time or record the show.

2015 Consumer Trends - Smart Home

4) A House with an IQ
With Sears’ Smart Home, it’s no wonder that consumers want technology that alerts you if there are electrical issues, notifications of when people enter or leave the house, and even a clogged drain. 2015 consumer trends include even more ways that your home can be “smarter” with appliances, alarm systems and automation.

2015 Consumer Trends - Wearable Tech

5) Smarter Wearable Tech
With the anticipation of the Apple Watch and the fitness trackers that have come out this year, we will see even more wearable tech in 2015.. On top of measuring calorie intake, devices will be able to measure salt and unhealthy ingredients, and they are even expected to increase life expectancy by 1.8 years!

More 2015 consumer trends include mind sharing via wearable apps, robots in the home, smarter citizens due to the ease of sharing and acquiring information through the internet, and children using the internet at earlier ages.