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13 Most Haunted Places in LA That Will Spook Every LA Girl

11 Mos Haunted Places in LA - Queen Mary

With Halloween right around the corner, it’s the season for tricks, treats, and ghostly encounters.  With that in mind, we’ve done a bit of investigating and found the most haunted places in LA.

In a city known for it’s sunny weather and health conscious yoga fanatics, it may be hard to believe that LA is a playground for the spirits, but this post may just change your mind. Whether you are a self-proclaimed ghost hunter or just want to get into the Halloween spirit,  this guide is for you!

Linda Vista Hospital

Located near Downtown Los Angeles, Linda Vista Hospital is known as one of the most haunted spots in the city.  While the hospital was closed in 1991, it’s reputation for having many evil spirits has continued.

As paint peeled from the walls, dirt lining the floors and old hospital bed frames left abandoned, the building looked like something out of a horror film, and that’s not far off. While abandoned, the building was used for filming until it was given new life in 2012. Now senior housing, residents and employees alike still avoid parts of this haunted building.

11 Most Haunted Places in LA - Linda Vista Hospital

Wonderland Murders House 

In 1981, porn star John Holmes killed four drug dealers with a lead pipe.  The murders were said to be revenge for stealing from drug kingpin Eddie Nash. The killings inspired the movie “Wonderland” starring Val Kilmer.  The house is said to be the home of angry ghosts who push visitors around, so if you check this one out, be careful!

The Hollywood Roosevelt

Located in the heart of Hollywood, it is fitting that this beloved Los Angeles hotel would be home to ghosts of Hollywood past.  According to legend, the ghosts of starlet Marilyn Monroe and actor Montgomery Clift can be found around the hotel.

In the lobby, there was a mirror that once was in Monroe’s suite. Guests swore they saw the actress’ reflection in the glass. It is said that hotel management has put the mirror away in a special place unknown to the public.

11 Most Haunted Places in LA - Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

The Queen Mary

The Queen Mary, one of the few places where you can go enjoy brunch and also encounter a ghost. There have been many ghost spottings throughout the years, including women in 1930s swimsuits by the first class pool and ghosts wandering around the engine room.

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Colorado Blvd. Bridge (Suicide Bridge) 

Given the nickname Suicide Bridge, it is not surprising that this 150-foot bridge is haunted.  Built in 1912, Suicide Bridge was once part of Route 66.  The first time someone jumped off the bridge was in 1919 and there have been about 100 total.  Many of the suicides occurred during The Great Depression, but many still happen to this day. It is said that many ghosts haunt the bridge and the lights often go out at night.


11 Most Haunted Places in LA - Colorado Bridge


Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Opened in 1898, Hollywood Memorial Park is the permanent home of hundreds of Hollywood’s legendary players, from Cecil B. DeMille to Dee Dee Ramone. The weeping woman heard near the lake is said to be the spirit of young Virginia Rappe, whose death will always be linked to the infamous Fatty Arbuckle scandal from the silent era. Half of the cemetery was sold off by 1920 to create what is now Paramount Studios, which is built on former cemetery property. Studio staff often see people in “period” clothing walking towards the wall of the cemetery and disappearing into the brick.

11 Most Haunted Places in LA - Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Heritage Square Museum

At the Heritage Square Museum, not only have many old Victorian homes been brought together, but so have their ghosts. The museum is a collection of Victorian buildings that rather than being demolished, were saved and moved to the museum to preservation. The Perry Mansion, the most well-known of the buildings on site is said to be home to ghosts, as well as many of the other buildings that make up the museum.

Pico House 

The Pico House, which opened in 1870, is another Los Angeles hotel with a ghostly community living among its guests.  Employees of the hotel have reported hearing footsteps and shadows. However, no one has spotted an actually ghost.  Take a visit to a hotel you might just get lucky, or unlucky depending on how you look at it.

11 Most Haunted Places in LA - Pico House

The Old Zoo – Griffith Park

Griffith Park is beloved by locals and tourists alike.  With its spectacular views, amazing trails, and newfound “La La Land” fame, it is a go-to destination in Los Angeles.  However, even this beloved park has something sinister lurking in the shadows.  At the Old Zoo, which is now a picnic area, ghosts can be heard. Only this time, it is not women frolicking by the pool or a Hollywood actor reciting lines, it is filled with ghosts of the animals who once lived at the zoo.  Try visiting the zoo once night falls, and you might just hear the sounds of a monkey or a hungry lion.

11 Most Haunted Places in LA - Old LA Zoo

Santa Monica Pier 

Another Los Angeles staple, the Santa Monica Pier is filled each day with tourists from all over the world.  It is a bright and sunny place filled with colors and life. However, for many years, there have been rumors of ghosts riding the carousel or spending time of roofs.  Employees have even reported hearing sounds of footsteps, yet never finding any people.

11 Most Haunted Places in LA - Santa Monica Pier

The Hollywood Sign

High atop the hills of Los Angeles, the iconic Hollywood Sign stands as a beacon of fame and fortune. But beneath its glitzy exterior lies a chilling secret. Adventurous souls who venture to the sign’s remote location have reported eerie encounters. Some claim to have heard faint echoes of old Hollywood legends, while others have seen shadowy figures lurking in the mist. Whether it’s the spirits of bygone movie stars or something more sinister, the haunted Hollywood Sign remains a mysterious and spine-tingling destination for those brave enough to explore its ghostly history.

Cecil Hotel

Amidst the vibrant energy of downtown Los Angeles, the Cecil Hotel holds a unique allure for thrill-seekers and paranormal enthusiasts alike. Known for its intriguing history and mysterious past, this iconic hotel has become a popular destination for ghost-hunting adventures. Armed with cameras, EMF meters, and a sense of excitement, intrepid explorers embark on thrilling journeys to connect with the otherworldly. From unexplained cold spots to flickering lights, the Cecil Hotel promises an electrifying experience for those seeking a paranormal thrill in the heart of the city.

Houdini Mansion

Located in dreamy Laurel Canyon, the Houdini Mansion has long been considered a haunted destination.  The mansion got its name from Harry Houdini, but the magician never actually owned the property.  It is said that Houdini’s widow, Bess, lived in the guest house on the property with her manager Edward Saint until the owner of the house, Ralph Walker, passed way. After that, the house went on to have several owners.  In 1959, the home was burned down after a brush fire spread through Laurel Canyon.  All that was left were bits and pieces of the beautiful architecture until it was rebuilt years later. Some say the ghost of Houdini roams the grounds, trying to contact Bess.

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