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10 Tips to Stay Focused While Working From Home

You’d think that by now, we’d be used to remote work, but as we look at the same four walls 24/7, our minds need a little support to be able to get through the day. Here are some of our favorite ways to stay focused, motivated, and healthy as we work from home. 

1. Dress the part & don’t change until you’re done 

As much as we love working in our PJs, our brains are conditioned to think that PJs = rest. If you want to have a productive day, start by getting ready, put a nice (but comfortable) work outfit on, and don’t change back into at-home clothes until you’re fully done with the workday.

2. “Co-working” live streams

If you’re ever struggling with motivation or focus, ask your mirror neurons for help! Go on YouTube and look for work session live streams which usually contain soothing background sounds, music, and visuals to help you get in the productivity mood.

3. Have all needed items nearby

Make sure to go to the bathroom, adjust the room’s temperature, and grab your water bottle, laptop charger, snacks, and any other items you’ll need for your work session. This will keep you from constantly having to get up and disrupt your workflow.

4. Movement breaks are recommended 

There’s nothing better than a quick dance break or a 10-minute walk in the sunshine to help boost your mood and help your brain get even more creative.

5. Start with the task that will get the ball rolling 

Whether that’s getting back to emails or publishing a short content piece, start with the task that will help give you the momentum you need for your first 60-minutes of deep work. Make sure to focus on one task at a time!

6. Have a designated workspace

Hear us out – no working from your couch or bed! Try setting up a small workspace in your apartment (extra points if it’s in a separate room) so that your brain knows how to differentiate work mode from rest mode.

7. Keep a good posture 

Believe it or not, a bad posture could highly disrupt your work day. If you constantly sit in a position that hurts your back, you’ll constantly be moving around, attempting to feel comfortable.

8. Have an accountability buddy

Get a coworker, a friend, or even an acquaintance to hold you accountable at the end of each day or workweek! It’s important to create a support system for ourselves, especially whenever there are a lot of deliverables and deadlines involved!

9. Set boundaries & prioritize your rest 

If it’s time to rest, put your laptop away. Learn to say no in order to prioritize your physical and mental well-being. Make sure to plan your workday accordingly so that you get through your must-do’s before it’s time to log off.

10. Light a candle

Smells are a great way to promote alertness. In the same way a lavender candle can help you relax, a peppermint candle can help boost your focus by keeping you wide awake!