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10 Delicious Pasta Dishes Every LA Girl Must Try

10 Delicious Pasta Dishes Every LA Girl Must Try

Sometimes it feels like everyone in LA avoids carbs. Not us! We love treating ourselves to one of the many delicious pasta creations at Italian restaurants throughout LA. Wondering where you should indulge? Here are 10 delicious pasta dishes every LA girl must try!

Osteria la Buca: Angel Hair

The angel hair at Osteria la Buca is delightfully simple. Prepared with browned butter, sage, pecorino and a bit of lemon, the dish tastes light but still flavorful. And you can’t beat the $13 price tag!

Forma: Cacio Pepe

Cacio pepe is a Roman dish, made with cracked black pepper and tons of fresh parmesan and pecorino. Finding this specialty in LA can prove a bit tricky. However, Forma in Santa Monica does it right. Chefs at this spot take the dish to the next level by swirling strands of spaghetti in a giant wheel of parmesan cheese before placing it on your plate.

Jon & Vinnys: Spicy Fusilli

Looking for a little bit of a kick? Head to Jon and Vinny’s (if you can get a reservation) and order the spicy fusilli. The curly noodles are perfectly al dente and the sauce will have you licking the plate.

The Ponte: Pasta al Pomodoro

For a traditional option, we recommend The Ponte’s Pasta al Pomodoro. The thick spaghetti noodles come wrappped around each other, layered with basil leaves and a sweet tomato sauce. Even the plate is pretty–prepare your iPhone camera!

Kettle Black: Tagliatelle

The tagliatelle at Kettle Black is one of the more unique pasta dishes in LA. The dish features green parsley noodles, english peas, basil pesto, pine nuts and pea shoots. The flavors are interesting and the vegetables always make us feel healthy. (With all that green, its as if you ordered a salad).

La Vecchia Cucina: Cucuzza Longa Gnocchi

For another veggie-centric option, we love the Cucuzza Longa Gnocchi at La Vecchia Cucina. This seasonal entree includes zucchini and zucchini blossoms from the restaurant’s garden in Culver City. This is the ideal choice when you’re craving gnocchi but don’t want to feel too bad about it.

Terroni: Spaghetti al Limone

The Spaghetti al Limone at Terroni is amazingly rich and satisfying. The housemade thick spaghetti noodles arrive in a lemon-olive oil sauce, topped with fresh shaved parmesan, spinach and capers. Although everything on the Terroni menu is mouth-watering, this dish is our favorite.

10 Delicious Pasta Dishes Every LA Girl Must Try

Photo: @terronila

UovoRavioli di Ricotta

This Santa Monica newcomber was founded by the same guys behind Sugarfish. The pasta here is actually flown in overnight from Bologna, where it is handmade using traditional methods. Of course every pasta is worth ordering, but the Ravioli di Ricotta is a must-try. The raviolis are expertly prepared and the sauce is delightfully sweet.

10 Delicious Pasta Dishes Every LA Girl Must Try

Photo: @uovopasta

Pasta Sisters: Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce and Burrata

For a fast-casual pasta option, Pasta Sisters is your spot. Order the spaghetti with tomato sauce and burrata from the “secret menu.” The mound of homemade pasta arrives with a incredibly creamy blob of fresh burrata cheese. Although the Pico Boulevard location might seem a bit out of the way, this tasty dish is worth the stop.

Angelini Osteria: Black Truffle Spaghetti

For something truly decadent, we recommend the black truffle spaghetti at Angelini Osteria. This hearty dish features homemade spaghetti, black truffles, sausage and fresh parmesan.

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