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LA’s 10 Best Places Comedy Clubs To Watch Stand Up Comedy

Girl, we’ve all heard that laughter is therapy, and nothing feels better to the soul than laughing so hard that your Spanx feel like they might burst. LA is one of the hottest and thriving cities when it comes to the comedy scene and every night there are legendary comics and rising stars of tomorrow ready to make you hoot, holler, and get a whole lotta laughter medicine. Whether it’s catching your neighbor’s improv show or witnessing a comedy icon preview their Netflix special, these 10 places will provide you with a night where you’re guaranteed to roll out of your seat, at least once. While we are sure you know about the big fish in town, we’ll repeat them first:  Laugh Factory, The Comedy Store, Hollywood Improv, Groundlings! Now, we chose 10 LA Girl Comedy V.I.P’s will love. THESE ARE LA BASED COMEDY CLUBS & COMEDIC (LOCAL) HIDDEN GEMS THAT YOU MAY NOT HAVE HEARD OF YET:

1. Jam in the Van 

If the LA comedy scene was a cast of high school kids in a movie, Jam in the Van would be the cool friend that always has the road trip playlist ready to go, and is ready to shotgun a Cherry Coke across every state border. 

 2. Flappers Comedy Club 

Along with their fully stacked and impressive calendar, it’s more than an inside joke that the food at Flappers is good. Really good. If you are ready to chow down on some vegan pizza or sip a martini while watching a comic like Whitney Cummings or the RoastMaster Jeffrey Ross, Flappers is known for great hospitality and a gem in the heart of downtown Burbank. 

3. The Glendale Room 

Intimate and cozy, The Glendale Room is a new addition to Glendale and features both packed local shows and a very friendly and supportive Wednesday night open mic. People love it because it’s surrounded by books, so you just may raise an IQ point or two while you laugh. 

4. Mama Shelter

If you see tickets for Can’t Even Comedy on sale, snatch them fast because they do sell out. Plus, huge acts like Iliza Shlesinger are known to drop in at Mama Shelter Hotel’s rooftop nights. Go for dinner and drinks, stay for the laughs! 

5. The Comedy Nook 

Located in the heart of all the shopping and restaurants on Melrose, The Comedy Nook is a young Black and female-founded operation, where you can catch seasoned vets or buzzy newcomers. 

6. The Hotel Cafe 

Hotel Cafe boasts an impressive resume for helping to launch singer-songwriters such as Billie Eilish, Ed Sheeran, and Katy Perry. Whip-smart comedy mixed with their intimate room and great acoustics makes The Hotel Cafe a hang. 

7. Dynasty Typewriter

Getting on the email list for The Dynasty Typewriter produces serious FOMO, as they book some of the most fun and wild lineups in town. Off Wilshire, this is the place to catch your favorite podcast live or yell out suggestions to a hilarious improv team. 

8. The Ice House

The legendary Ice House in Pasadena is celebrating its grand re-opening soon, and we think the LA Girls on the east side of town need to be first to know. Fun fact: it’s the oldest comedy club in the country! 

9. The Virgil 

A neighborhood cocktail bar and entertainment venue all in one? Yes. Thank you, Virgil. Don’t miss the themed drinks either. 

10. Secret Locations: Don’t Tell Comedy! 

The Don’t Tell Comedy comedy series pops up in different secret locations and cities all across the country, and if the thrill of the chase wasn’t enough, their fabulous comics will allow you to brag to your friends that you saw that person before they blew up. 

If you’re an aspiring comedienne yourself, we have a few great choices in our own backyard of comedy classes and intro’s to make getting up on the stage a little less nerve-wracking. Check out Lisa Sundstedt’s nationally recognized class, Pretty, Funny Women.