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10 Basic Steps to Upgrade Your Closet This Year

upgrade your closet

Does your closet need an overhaul? Perhaps you’re looking for ways to update your wardrobe because you got a new job, had a lifestyle change or can’t ever seem to find an outfit. It doesn’t have to be challenging, if you play your cards right. There are ways to use what you already have rather than doing a complete overhaul. Because when it comes to fashion, we know that clothes should lift your spirits and not bring them down. Here are 10 steps to maximize what’s already in your wardrobe and how to elevate your #OOTD. 

1. Consolidate Your Clothing

First, you will want to consolidate and sort through your clothing. Having everything in one space makes it easier to evaluate your wardrobe. Utilize Marie Kondo’s theory on tidying and minimalism when looking over your items. If something doesn’t bring you joy or happiness, it’s time to part with it. If you aren’t going to wear it, someone else might. Why not give old clothes new life?  Find ways to donate or resell your clothes to recycle and reuse them. 

2. Categorize Your Garments

Once you’ve taken the time to assess the situation, it’s time to start sorting your clothes into piles. If you’re sentimental about something, take a moment to be nostalgic before putting it in the giveaway pile — it might sound strange, but it helps. Create piles to keep, consider or donate. There are multiple ways to get rid of old clothing, from recycling to donations to selling them for extra cash. You can also arrange a clothing exchange with friends or family members to swap out your clothes. Clothes exchanges can be an excellent, budget-friendly way to upgrade your closet and eliminate unwanted items. 

3. Review Your Clothing

Before getting rid of anything, review what you have and what could mix and match for a fabulous outfit. A basic top might pair perfectly with those slacks you love, but have yet to wear. A denim jacket might pull an outfit together and change the entire vibe of the look. Visualize staples that aren’t hard to find, like a plain black top, with the articles of clothing in question. Items that could benefit from an added staple should be kept. You might be surprised how something so simple can elevate your look. Imagine how a classic white tee might look with those leather pants you bought last summer with a blazer, cardigan or bold jacket. 

4. Plan for Weather

Winter temperatures in LA might stay at around 70 degrees, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to have some cute seasonal items. Summers can get really, REALLY hot, so plan your wardrobe accordingly. Light colored and loose-fitting clothes are excellent staples for summer since lighter colors help to reflect the sun’s rays. Since heat waves from May to September can make it challenging to regulate your seasonal wardrobe, think about integrating summer clothing into Fall looks. If you want to rock Winter wear but the weather doesn’t get cold enough, consider storing it in organizational bins rather than eliminating it from your closet. 

5. Shop for Staples  

Staple pieces rarely go out of style and you can pair them with almost anything. A little black dress, a denim jacket, a comfortable pair of leggings and basic solid-colored shirts are closet essentials. However, if you’re only going to wear it once, don’t buy it. Focus on the practicality of staple pieces and purchase accordingly. Comfort is often key when choosing closet staples, so don’t buy something just because it’s on sale. Search for sales on quality clothing that provide comfort and add to your existing wardrobe. 

6. Try Clothes On 

Try things on when shopping for new clothes. Clothing is made so differently and there is no one-size-fits-all. Tall girls will look different in pieces than short ones and vice versa. Shop for your body type and during your closet cleanup, TRY things on. It can help your decision on whether it stays or goes. 

7. Experiment With Trends

Try fashion trends to elevate your look, like half-tucking a top and rocking cute sneakers with a sundress. Graphic T-shirts can have new life by pairing them with blazers, skirts, or dresses. You can wear cowboy boots with pretty much anything these days and bodysuits have definitely made a comeback. Sneakers are back in style and so are platform  boots, clogs and mules.

8. Clean and Organize 

The final step to upgrading your closet is to truly clean it out. This is the perfect time to organize accessories. You can use shelf dividers, hooks and organizational bins to take your closet from drab to fab in no time. Install drawers and use labels. Now you’ll have a designated spot for every new item you purchase. 

9. Storage Hacks for Your Closet

If you wish you had extra space after you purge your clothing and accessories, you could consider utilizing storage hacks to elevate your space. While your closet is clear of clutter this is the optimal time to add additional storage. There are multiple ways you can upgrade the storage space in your closet. Add a bookshelf or dresser to your closet to maximize your space, install clear or acrylic shelving to locate items faster, or hang jeans or tank tops in your closet with shower hooks. Here’s how: use metal shower hooks without a ring to hang jeans from their belt loops or use shower rings on a hanger to hang tanks and camisoles. Purchasing the same color hangers and color-coordinating your closet can make it uniform, aesthetically pleasing and much easier to find what you want to wear. 

10. Sales = Closet Upgrade 

Shopping end-of-season sales or Black Friday deals are an excellent way to upgrade on a budget. Be sure to hit up all the local spots for winter savings as soon as the holiday season ends to get the best deals. 

BONUS! Where To Shop in LA 

Shopping in Los Angeles is an experience you won’t want to miss. Enjoy all the city offers by visiting Melrose Avenue, Rodeo Drive, Saks Fifth Avenue and The Grove. There are also these hidden gems that are must-visit spots too! 

1. Mohawk General Store

You’ll find Mohawk General Store in two locations–one in Silver Lake and one in Santa Monica. They offer everything from jewelry and candles to wardrobe essentials you’ll want to add to your closet. Among international design labels, there are home goods, accessories and designer clothing from local designers. 

2. Christy Dawn 

Christy Dawn is an LA local boutique that’s a favorite among celebrities. This sustainable line uses leftover fabric from big fashion houses to create each piece from vintage-inspired dresses to knits and bridal wear. Their mission and values are enough to make this a must-visit spot while you’re in LA. They use regenerative practices to connect and support the ecosystem, ultimately honoring mother earth, which is their mission. 

3. Lisa Says Gah 

Lisa Says Gah also possesses vintage-inspired clothing that are created from leftover fabric, bamboo and organic cotton. Lisa Says Gah is on Sunset Boulevard in Echo Park after a few years of pop-ups. Lisa Says Gah is anti-fast fashion, pro-community and ethically sourced clothing. From the fabric to the packaging of the clothes, this sustainable business aims to reduce its carbon footprint and offers some really cute clothes! 

We’ve got all the tea for the best shopping places in LA!