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10 Apps to Boost Your Mood When You are Feeling Blue

Feeling down but don’t know how to lift your mood up? We’ve all been there. It’s amazing how with just a couple of taps on your phone, you can get almost anything and everything. But can it improve your mood and the quality of your life, too? Here are 10 apps we think can definitely help in cheering up your mood!

1. Happify

The app’s name instantly portrays an image of feeling better once you use it, doesn’t it? Happify is an app that allows you to play science-based games that will help you to overcome negative thoughts, and stress and build self-confidence at the same time. The ultimate goal of this app is to make you happier. How they do this is by giving you a sense of clarity after the games/activities they ask you to do (which only take up a few minutes btw), which in turn puts you in a lighter mood! Click here to download it now!

2. I Am

Trust us, I Am is an app you absolutely need on your phone. It notifies you every day with positive affirmations that help rewire your brain and change negative thought patterns. Positive affirmations not only help make major shifts in your mindset but also serve as reminders of what you’re capable of. Empower yourself by verbally affirming your dreams and ambitions! You become what you believe! Click here to download it now!

3. Wysa

We get it. Sometimes you just need someone to talk to. But it can be a little daunting to open up and talk about what and how you’re feeling. *enter WysaWysa is an emotionally intelligent chatbot that uses AI to react to emotions that you express. It helps you identify your problems, helps you deal with them, and work towards your goals, and for extra support, provides guidance from qualified professional therapists as well! Click here to download it now!

4. ThinkUp

What is stopping you from being your ideal self or even achieving your goals? Build the positive mindset you need to succeed by recording affirmations in your own voice to manifest your dreams into reality! Play your recorded affirmations while or just before you sleep and see the change for yourself. Click here to download it now!

5. Calm

Need a quick getaway to a retreat to clear your mind? Do that within seconds with this app! Calm is an app featuring guided meditations, nature sounds for your relaxation and peace of mind. It helps with anxiety, insomnia, and nights when you just need to take a breather. Definitely worth checking out! Click here to download it now!

6. 10% Happier

A lot of times we don’t know how to pick ourselves up and just move on, and that’s okay. But what’s not okay is to neglect those feelings and think they might just go away. 10% Happier has to be on this list for us! The app aims to make you about (at least) ten percent happier than you are now. It even provides you with a library of 500+ guided meditations on a variety of topics, stories, wisdom, and inspiration that you can listen to anywhere! Click here to download it now!

7. Being

Ever wanted a mini-therapy session? Being is an app that provides a unique self-therapy experience by seeking to understand you, to help you grow through what you go through. It provides mini-therapy sessions which are professionally created bite-sized therapy sessions, interactive and hyper-personalized. It helps you form mini-habits and makes you experience music therapies because anytime is a good time for self-care! Click here to download it now!

8. Headspace

Okay, we’re sure you’ve definitely heard about Headspace but we had to include this in our list as we think it’s definitely worth the hype! To keep your body in shape, you need to hit the gym so why do you think your mind will work its best without a workout? Headspace provides you with content mainly focused on creativity, increasing happiness, decreasing stress, and initiating conscious eating. Mindfulness techniques have benefits for mood, attention, and general coping skills, which have definitely come to play! Click here to download it now!

9. Down Dog Yoga

Meditation isn’t the only way to a happier life, you’ve got to get your body moving! With Down Dog you get a new yoga practice every single time you open it—it gives you the power to build a practice you love! It even provides a musical experience to help you breathe in a better way. Sweat out the daily stresses of your life by incorporating this simple practice into your life! Be the person your dog thinks you are. Click here to download it now!

10. Fabulous

Sometimes life can get in the way and make you forget about your daily habits to keep you from feeling sane. Fabulous is an app that helps you maintain the habits that make you happy. It helps you track daily tasks, your to-do list, and journal, and monitors your mental wellbeing in a very organized way. Click here to download it now!