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The LA Girl Gift Guide: 10 Mother’s Day Gifts She’ll Absolutely Love

10 Mother's Day Gifts She'll Absolutely Love

What would we do without our moms? Even though we celebrate having our moms in our lives every single day, why not make Mother’s Day even more special for the lovely ladies that we cherish. If you’re stuck on what to get your mom for Mother’s Day this year, have no fear, because here are 10 Mother’s Day gifts that your mom will absolutely love!

For The Shopaholic Mom 


Mindfulnest has everything and more that you can ask for, from jewelry to amazing trinkets, art, sculptures and more. It’s the perfect place to find a gift for your mom on Mother’s Day and you will always leave the store carrying a brilliant, new thing that you bought. The atmosphere of the store is so relaxing and has such great vibes. Mindfulnest is located in Burbank, Santa Monica and Highland Park. Another excellent thing about Mindfulnest is that it supports local artists.


Yolk is definitely another place you would want to head out to buy something for your shopaholic mom. Whether you’re buying her a gift card at this fantastic store or actually buying her an item or two, your mom will definitely be pleased with a Mother’s Day gift from Yolk. Yolk has two stores – one in Silver Lake and another in Laguna Beach. The store has everything from wallets to canteens, jewelry, perfume and more.

For The Outdoorsy Mom 

Funktional Wearables

If your mom is very into keeping up with a healthy lifestyle and her fitness, then Funktional Wearables should be your go-to this year for your mom’s Mother’s Day gift. Funktional Wearables makes activity tracking trendy. Whether you’re looking for the perfect fitness tracker for your mom or finding her the best accessories for her next Zumba class, Funktional Wearables will make your mom not only ready for a good workout, but also super stylish!

Adventure 16

LA is known for all of the beautiful hikes you can go on So what better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than by getting her some new hiking gear? Adventure 16 is a great place to get your mom any and every hiking accessory she needs for her next hike. They have a West LA and Tarzana location, and always have great sales!

For The Beauty Mom 


Does your mom love to get all dolled up? Then, Blushington is the place for her! Blushington is a perfect location to fulfill your mom’s beauty needs. You can get her a gift card from the fabulous, makeup and beauty lounge or even book an appointment for a makeup application. Blushington offers everything from a red carpet ready makeover, to lashes applications, and more.


Treat your mom (and yourself) to some pampering with a blowout at Drybar. What’s more fun than getting your hair done together? She can choose from different hair styles from the glamorous Cosmo to the fun Mai Tai. With plenty of locations all over LA, it’s easy to make an appointment and make mom happy!

For The Bookworm Mom 

The Last Bookstore

Is your mom the ultimate bookworm? The Last Bookstore in Downtown, Los Angeles is one place you’ll definitely want to visit to get your mom a Mother’s Day gift she’ll never forget. The Last Bookstore has over 250,000 new and used books so you’re bound to find a good read for your mom. There are also vinyl records sold at The Last Bookstore in case your mom is into that as well and there are shops for yarn and beautiful, art pieces right inside the bookstore.

Skylight Books 

Another excellent bookstore you can visit to get your mom something that she will enjoy to read is Skylight Books. Skylight Books has a wide variety of great literature and it also offers some book clubs and exciting programs that maybe your mom would want to join!

For The Foodie Mom 

Porto’s Bakery

Anyone and everyone who comes to Los Angeles must visit the renowned Porto’s Bakery. What’s a Mother’s Day celebration without some delicious pastries and scrumptious goodies? Let mom have a break from cooking and bring over some yummy treats from Porto’s Bakery.

John Kelly Chocolates 

Who doesn’t love chocolate? John Kelly Chocolates is a great LA based chocolate company that started off in a chocolate factory right in Hollywood. From truffle fudge bars to salted chocolates, caramel and more, you won’t only get your mom a gift for Mother’s Day, you’ll even want to treat yourself for something too! Plus, John Kelly Chocolates has some Mother’s Day gift ideas right on their website.

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