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2017 Holiday Gift Guide: 5 Last Minute Gifts for Anyone You Forgot

last minute gift guide: present

Between your mom, your work wife and your mailman, it’s hard to not let anyone slip through the cracks when it comes to gift-giving. There’s not a lot of time for shopping left, so check out this list of last minute gifts for people you may have forgotten!

The Secret Santa Exchange You Didn’t Put In Your Calendar

Phone Case

Phone cases are the perfect Secret Santa gift because they’re not expensive and can be personalized based on your Secret Santa’s interests. Scope out Etsy for a cute succulent case that Karen with the plants in her office will love, or a glittery case for your fabulous boss.

Last Minute Gift Guide: Phone Case

Your Boyfriend’s Sister You Forgot Was Coming to Christmas Dinner

Bath Gift Set

If you know her favorite set, you’ve got the perfect present for her! Head to the mall and grab a Bath and Body Works lotion gift set. No shipping, easy to wrap, and it’s something she’ll love.

Last Minute Gift Guide: Bath and Body Works

Photo: Bath and Body Works

Your Neighbor Who ALWAYS Gets You Something


A soft and luxurious robe is something everybody loves but nobody wants to buy for themself. She’ll love to wear her robe around the complex to get the mail or let the dog out in style.

Last Minute Gift Guide: Robe

Photo: Nordstrom

Your Friend With a Birthday Around Christmas

Cute Bag

People with birthdays around Christmas always get the dreaded double present – one for Christmas and their birthday, while the rest of the world gets two separate days to celebrate. If you completely forgot about her birthday with all of the holiday hustle and bustle (which probably happens to her every year), pick up that special bag she’s had her eye on to remind her how important she is to you. Kate Spade bags are great because they are cute, colorful, and on the affordable side of designer.

Last Minute Gift Guide: kate spade

Photo: Nordstrom


The Person You Have No Idea What to Buy For

Hand Cream

L’occitane is the Ferrari of hand creams. It is luxurious and hydrating, and who doesn’t need that in their life? The hand cream bouquet has six creams so there’s definitely going to be something she loves in the set.

Last Minute Gift Guide: Hand Cream

Photo: L’occitane

Still need to pick up a few last minute gifts for dad? Head over to the gift guide for the guys to finish your shopping list!