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30th Birthday Cake Designs Too Cute To Eat

Celebrating your thirty, flirty, and thriving era won’t be complete without the perfect birthday cake. But with so many options to choose from, finding inspo can be a little overwhelming. Lucky for you, we gathered the best trends for an unforgettable 30th birthday cake to be the centerpiece of your party. You’ll be tempted not to dig in after you blow out the candles. So prep your Pinterest boards and get planning. Here are 8 Birthday Cake designs to have at your next bash.

1. Vintage Inspired

Taking all over TikTok and Instagram, these elaborate vintage inspired cakes have stolen the show and this LA cake maker Roz Got Cake is nailing it. If you need some more inspiration, check out @geminicakedesign and @linlincake for their vintage works of art.


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2. Cartoon Cake

Calling all comic and animation fans. Yet another #caketok trend has caught everyone’s attention. This type of design makes your cake look like it popped straight out of a comic book. This towering rainbow-esque layer cake by @wonderfulwhittycakes screams birthday party ready.

3. Designer Themed

If the birthday girl is all about luxury, then a clean, classy, and designer themed cake is one of a knd for all those
“boujee” babes. Build your cake as a purse, a shoe, a perfume bottle, or an iconic designer gift box, like this white and gold Dior cake.

4. Eat Your Flowers

LA based culinary artist, chef, and baker Loria Stern skillfully bakes dried flowers into cookies, bread, eggs, donuts, and anything else you can think of! Not only is this 3-tier cake gorgeous, it could have that boost of vitamins and minerals thanks to the pressed on flowers.


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5. Good Ol’ Classic Birthday Cake

You can’t go wrong with the classic vanilla buttercream and confetti sprinkles. We all know it as the “funfetti” cake. Our go-to recommendation is the signature birthday cake from New York’s dessert destination, Milk Bar. Don’t worry there is a location in LA too. What makes this cake special is that it has an extra pop of flavor with their crunchy cake bits.


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6. Is It Cake?

This juicy T-bone steak is actually a gooey chocolate cake. Looks real huh? Thanks to the hyper-realistic cake movement, you can make anything into a dessert. The trick is to find a baker willing to bring your reality into a sweet confection.


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7. Soft Serve Ice Cream Pie

What’s fancier than a multi-tiered cake with sparklers? A pie layered with soft serve ice cream. This delicious masterpiece by Magpies Softserve in LA has white coffee soft serve layered with brown sugar crumble, salted caramel and Irish cream whip. A nice change up to the traditional cake.


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8. Champagne Bottle Cake

Make a wish then pop your built-in bottle of Prosecco. Yup adding these little extras as the toppers to your cake will help it standout. To get even more in the celebration mood, jazz it up with floral accessories, multiple tiers, and candy decorations like this one from @kalyscakesandbakes.

Ok friends, you’ve got the cake, but before you dig in, treat yo’ self with 10 Birthday Freebies in LA.